Jason DeHart’s #BillsMafia South Florida Chapter with @mrbwiz

I had the pleasure of meeting Brian Wisniewski last year at the Bills v. Dolphins game.  Not only was it great meeting fellow Bills fans, but it was fun watching South Florida product Thad Lewis led the Bills to a win in Miami.  I asked Brian to tell BillsMafia about his fandom and what, and where, visiting fans should go if they make the trip down.

Brian is a 31-year-old attorney that moved down, with his wife, to South Florida in March 2012.  They had no obligations in Buffalo, such as kids or a mortgage, and they decided to try to make a life somewhere warmer.  There were friends already in place so they moved to Boynton Beach soon after both Brian & wife passed the Florida bar exam.

Brian is a UB graduate and has been a Bills fan all of his life.  He fondly remembers watching his father go nuts during the Super Bowl runs and as he stated, “I wanted a part of that excitement.”

Brian is proud to be a member of the Bills Mafia because as he describes, “it’s a perfect example of how Bills fans keep circling those wagons in our virtual community and across the country.”

You can follow Brian on twitter: @mrbwiz

Best Bills Backer Bar: Roxy’s (Palm Beach county), Packy’s (Broward county editors choice*)

Brian frequents Roxy’s on Clematis St in downtown West Palm Beach.  He often orders the fish sandwich and enjoys their beer selection and crowd.  The game is televised and the shout song is played after every Bills score.

(Editor’s note: Packy’s Sports Bar in Lighthouse point is a traditional Bills bar in every way, including the wings, their serving of Labatt Blue, and of course the Shout song.  They also do halftime raffles of Bills items and memorabilia for every patron).

Place to Tailgate:

Brian will be at the game meeting up with friends from home, but if you’re already down here, or don’t have a large group, he suggest finding a bus lot.  He says that’s where the best tailgating happens and when you find Bills fans and offer them a beer it’s an instant conversation starter and often times you find out that you two tend to know the same people.

(Editors note: Packy’s Sports Bar will be having a tailgate party & bus ride to and from the game you can follow or tweet Zach at @sfbillsbackers for details).

Touristy thing to do:

Brian suggests that if you have time then defiantly hit one of South Florida’s many beaches, or take a jet boat through the Everglades.

Best Food:

As is the case with a destination city, South Florida provides a lot of great food choices, including five star restaurants, great seafood and food trucks.  Brian always enjoys the Shake Shack for burgers (“Best Burger I’ve ever had”), and also likes one of Brandon Spikes’ favorite spots Rocco’s Tacos, which includes the fish tacos and cool ranch water.  For those staying in Ft Lauderdale then he suggests the Rustic Inn as seafood is their specialty.

Secret Thing To Do:

If you like zoos then Brian’s suggest of McCarthy’s Animal Sanctuary in Palm Beach County is for you. As Brian portrays, “This dude has lions, tigers, and a liger in his backyard on a residential street.”  All of the animals are rescued, and trainers are there overseeing all interaction in order to ensure safety.  You do need to schedule times to visit so if you can’t make it this trip, there is always next time.