Buffalo Bills vs Kansas City Chiefs Q&A With @SullyFootball

This weekend, the Buffalo Bills host the Kansas City Chiefs in a conference battle between two teams with 5-3 records that are looking to make a playoff run. This is a huge game for both teams, as both are in tough divisions with 2-3 contenders.

This week, @SullyFootball , an offensive line enthusiast and Kansas City Chiefs fan took the time to answer a few questions about what Bills fans should expect on Sunday’s game. Sully is a great follow on Twitter, he’s hilarious, he knows football and he’s an all around good dude. Give him a follow!

The Chiefs entered the season with playoff expectations, a team stocked with young talent throughout the roster. While sitting at 5-3 in a tough division, are playoff expectations still warranted, and why?

The Chiefs entered the season with mixed feelings. Some thought there was enough talent to challenge for a playoff spot while other thought the offensive line and Alex would hold the team back. This season so far has been a testament to John Dorsey and the depth he’s built here in KC. I had my doubts but through all the suspensions and injuries guys have filled in nicely. There are a few critical games left on the schedule and with how touch the AFC is this year the playoffs can be accomplished but will be tough.


LT Eric Fisher was the No. 1 overall pick last year, but from all accounts, he’s had a rough start to his 1 ½ year-old career. What are his weaknesses, and how do you think Jerry Hughes, a talented pass rusher that wins with speed, should fare against him?

ericEric Fisher still struggles when guys convert speed to power and just manhandle him in pass pro. His run blocking hasn’t been terrible this year but so far he doesn’t look anything like a guy who warranted the number one overall pick. Fisher vs. Hughes will be a big matchup for this game, but Alex does such a good job of getting the ball out quickly (because he refuses to throw downfield) that he has really helped a makeshift young developing offensive line look better than they are on paper.

Many draftniks envisioned rookie linebacker Dee Ford having an immediate impact as a situational rusher behind Justin Houston and Tamba Hali. However, he’s played just 48 snaps. What are his issues and why can’t he get on the field?

Dee Ford is a long ways away from being a regular contributor. He really only has his speed at this point in his career and while that’s an elite trait its not enough for him to get on the field in KC. Until he puts on a few pounds and gets stronger he wont have much of an impact. At this point he’s probably our 4th best pass rusher from that spot, behind Houston, Hali and Martin.

If you were the Bills’ offensive coordinator, how would you attack the Chiefs defense?

Get the ball to your playmakers in space. The Chiefs secondary benefits from a great pass rush and they feed off of that. The defense is content to let an offense have the underneath stuff and evidenced by Percy Harvins performance last week, a guy who can create after the catch can cause some problems. Attack their inside linebackers, that’s the weak spot on the defense right now.

If you were the Bills’ defensive coordinator, how would you attack the Chiefs offense?

bills dlTurn Dareus loose on the guards. Find ways to get him 1-on1 and let him wreak havoc. Dareus is in my opinion on the same level with Poe as guys who can do it all on the interior. Mike Mcglynn and Zach Fulton are both weak spots on the line and Dareus could have a field day with either of them.

Jamaal Charles, Alex Smith and Dwayne Bowe get the mainstream hype, but  know we both have a fond love for second-year tight end Travis Kelce. Enlighten Bills fans on what he brings to the table.

Travis Kelce is the next big thing at tight end. Right now his traditional box score stats don’t line up with the like of Gronk, Graham or Thomas, but he’s equally as effective as all three. His blend of size speed and agility isn’t matched by any of his peers. It is truly amazing to see a 6’5″ 255lb man catch a bubble screen and make corners miss in the open field. His snap count is low but that could be due to the coaching staff not wanting to overwhelm him in what is essentially his rookie year. When he’s on the field he is the most dangerous player that doesn’t wear number 25. He will become a household name by next season. He’s also one of the most accessible and personable players on the roster. He tweets with fans and is hilarious. Simply put, Travis Kelce gets it.

On defense, Justin Houston, Tamba Hali and Eric Berry are the “household names” of the Chiefs’ defense. Tell me about that nose tackle you and I love so much.

Baltimore Ravens v Kansas City ChiefsDontari Poe is the best nost tackle in football. I’m sure that wont be a popular opinion on a Bills site but it is 100% the truth. He came into the league with the dreaded “workout warrior” label but has since shed it along with a few pounds. His mix of power and athleticism are truly amazing to watch for a man his size. Poe will shed a block and run down a running back (or Mike Vick) on an angle you wouldn’t think someone that size should be able to take. He is the engine that makes this whole defense go. He’s in phenomenal shape and plays a ton of snaps for a NT.

His run defense is phenomenal, he can eat up just about any double team. His pass rush is very effective because its so disruptive, he moves the interior of the pocket so well it forces things to the edge where the Chiefs have these two guys named Hali and Houston. (side note: Marcell Dareus is a great player, this is in no way a slight to him. I promise they are both allowed to be great)

Prediction: Chiefs 21 Bills 17 but could see this game going either way. This is a must win for the Chiefs if they want to keep talking playoffs in Kansas City.