#BillsMafia New York Chapter with @BuffaloWins

As the Bills prepare to take on the New York Jets in New Jersey, Joe Pinzone of Buffalowins.com was kind enough to tell what visiting fans should do while there, as well as tell about his Bills fandom.

Joe, 34, works in New York City as TV producer and relocated there a mere three weeks after graduating from Buffalo State.  As he describes, “I packed my Zenith 27 inch TV and three suitcases for NYC.”  He’s been in NYC for 12 years and has remained loyal to the Bills through the ups and downs.

In fact Joe recalls watching football at the age of nine and tells how, “the 1989 season was the first season I fully remember and my older sister was an avid fan.”  Joe goes on saying how, “my first memory was actually watching Jim Kelly dive into the end zone against Miami in the opener and my sister screaming at the top of her lungs.”

Joe’s sister played a big part in his growing Bills allegiance as, “she really got me into it and I came at the perfect time as the following season the Bills went to Super Bowl XXV.”  Beyond that Joe admits, just as most Bills fans, that he was spoiled for much of the 90s.

When asked what being a part of the Bills Mafia meant to Joe he stated that, “the stuff that Del Reid has done with the site and helping others out has been remarkable.”  Joe also enjoys the way that the players have taken to the fan base through this medium and that Bills Mafia is the most shocking thing he’s seen on the Buffalo twitterverse.  He also enjoys seeing how every new player that signs with the Bills includes the #billsmafia in their first tweet with the Bills.

You can follow Joe @buffalowins and his website: www.buffalowins.com

For fans visiting here is Joe’s suggestions of what to do and where to tailgate.

Tailgating location:

Joe has been going to the Bills game in NYC the past two seasons, and the NYC Bills backers will have a tailgate zone in the Metlife Parking lot.  He states that any harassment from Jets fans is usually at a minimum in the parking lot; though he goes on saying that inside the stadium is a different story.

Best Bills Backer Bar NYC:

Joe frequents McFaddens on 42nd and 2nd street every Sunday for the Bills game.  He first went there 10 years ago and saw 60 Bills fans pack the bar watching the Bills on every TV.  Now the places tops out at 200 people and that you need to be there two hours before kickoff to get a seat.  Additionally they have an unlimited beer and wing special for $30 dollars for five hours, and you can sing the shout song after every Bills score.

Best Touristy Thing to Do:

It’s hard to go to NYC and not check out the Statue of Liberty and Joe agrees with that sentiment, while taking it one step further suggesting to taking a boat tour on the water to see the skyline.  He describes it as, “very inspirational.”

Things Bills Fans Should Do in NYC:

Joe wants visiting fans to come decked out in their Bills gear and sing HEEEEEY HEEEEEY on the streets to see if anyone will respond.  He also says not to take any crap from Jets fans, as their history is actually more depressing than the Bills.

About Jason DeHart

Jason is a UB alum with over six years of media experience including his time as the student voice for the UB Bulls football & basketball teams. He currently resides in Delray Beach with his wife and currently works for CBSSports.com as an online video producer. #billsmafia4life

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