Donald Trump Doesn’t Want People To Think He’s Upset About Buffalo Bills Sale

Even with the loss to the Pats, it’s hard to feel down about the Bills after the change of ownership.  The Pegulas have shown class at every juncture during the process: staying silent while bidding, ensuring they didn’t get outbid, honoring those who came before them, and thanking other owners for support (to include that of our most heated rival).  Unfortunately, one person just can’t let it go that he didn’t get the team.

Since the sale went through, Donald Trump seems to have nothing better to do than whine like a child on social media.  I couldn’t fathom having as much money as him, yet still act like a five year old when I didn’t get what I wanted.  First, there was this:

  Correction Donald: We all should thank society.  You have good business sense, obviously, but you’re too much of a toolbag to get enough money to compete with ACTUAL billionaires.  Imagine how much more profit you could make if you weren’t generally loathed by society?  There is only one NFL, and you’ve failed multiple times at being a part of it.  Sure, some owners like you, but you’ll never be a part of the cool kids club.  Oh, I’m sorry, are you not done whining?

So let me get this straight… you went all in on trying to buy the team, and once you couldn’t, all of a sudden the NFL is a money pit and a tax evader?  Sure thing buddy.  I actually agree about the non-profit thing, but I’m sure if you got the Bills you wouldn’t.  Why?  Because this was all about profit to you, it was never about the team.  Wait, you say it was about the team staying in Buffalo???

You’re a funny guy, Don.  Can I call you Don?  Actually I don’t care if you care.  Your so-called “mission accomplished” was accomplished by someone better than you.  Someone who knows money is just a thing but passion and love are irreplaceable.  You don’t understand the city of Buffalo and its people; therefore you do not understand the Bills’ true worth, whereas the Pegulas do.  Oh, and now the games are unwatchable!  So unwatchable, in fact, that you’re “lucky” to have not gotten the team.  I call shenanigans, with proof:

Oh so a week later you’re still watching!  So were we.  Because damn near EVERYONE watches football, silly!  That’s why you wanted the team in the first place.  This was the best set of tweets, though.  Somehow you could have made us beat the Patriots within four days of owning the team?  How?  Was your toupee going to play on Tom Brady’s face to blind him?  Oh, and since acquiring the Sabres we’ve assembled the top-rated prospect pool in the league, so I hope he does better with the Bills than the Sabres as well.  Maybe you should do some research on the city you’re attempting to purchase a franchise in before making statements you don’t understand.

Donald Trump, you never had a chance to buy this team.  You tried to force your way into the league back in the 80’s, but all you did was sink the USFL, piss a lot of other people’s money away and piss off the real football league (I hope you enjoyed that $3).  Now you try to get back in and upon realizing that after 35 years you still can’t hang with the big boys all you can do is cry about it?

You sound like the bully in school that got his butt kicked but tells everyone how you won the fight.  Let me tell you this; if the people of Buffalo wanted an owner who cared more about profit and himself than the team, we would all be Cowboys fans.  Just face it, you’ve been beat and your history with this league keeps getting worse.

You’ll never be an NFL owner, so please shut up and get back to your Obama bashing.  Oh, that reminds me, how’s that presidential run going?