Is There A Doctor In The House?

I enjoy reading the blogs by my nurse colleague, Robyn Mundy. When you put two registered nurses together to diagnose a problem… you’d be amazed what we Buffalo nurses can do.

Let’s begin with an assessment of our team. The Bills are suffering from a chronic illness; that is to say they have a disease that has plagued them for years. Like all chronic diseases, it affects everyone involved because we are all afflicted by it. In this case, thousands of Bills fans around the country, and the world, are angry, upset and sick over what appears to be the start of another disappointing season. So how do we endure this agony for yet another season?

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Fred Jackson can only do so much offensively. (Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports)

As much as I do not like EJ Manuel as a quarterback, I also realize he is not the only one on this team. All teamwork starts with leadership and discipline, two traits that we seem to lack. How many times does a parent have to tell their child not to stick their finger in a light socket before the kid learns that there are consequences? Would you not think that a group of grown men could comprehend the repercussions that go along with penalties? Not to mention the yardage we lose, or give up to the opponent. So when does the discipline begin? It should have started during the pre-season, or better yet, how about in college?  As long as the coaches allow this nonsense to continue, we will be troubled with penalties-very costly ones.

So now enter the coaching staff. Think of a person with an illness that cannot be treated effectively. I will guarantee you that more than half the time it is because you have one doctor saying one thing, and second saying another. It is simply counterproductive because the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. The same goes for the coaches; they have to all play from the same sheet of music or else we have no symphony.

Our patient’s condition now begins to deteriorate over two weeks. If treatment plan A is not working we switch to plan B. Simple. So why, I ask, did we not at least try Orton at QB? We have nothing to lose by giving him a shot (no nursing pun intended). It’s pretty obvious that EJ is not getting it done. Common sense should tell you that if one horse isn’t crossing the river, change horses in mid-stream. Then to hear Marrone say he had no intention of trying Orton, well that simply has “what was he thinking” written all over it.

And so as the deterioration continues. The “doctors” stand by and watch this slow, painful, agonizing disease ravage the morale of the team and the fans. How can the team be expected to perform when the leaders are not doing their part? How can guys like Fred Jackson, C.J. Spiller, and Scott Chandler do what they do best when they are given so little with which to work? I mean come on; even our rookie #14 has not had a decent chance to show what he has…or doesn’t have. He is under the gun to perform, just like EJ.

As I see it, this disease can be stopped if we change the people who are attempting to treat this affliction- albeit unsuccessfully. If a doctor is not doing a good job for a sick patient, we call in the famous doctors with the “big guns.” Yes, we pay more for them, but you get what you pay for. Hopefully Terry Pegula will see the value in hiring some “proven” coaches who have turned NFL teams around. He put over a billion dollars into the purchase of this team and promised to keep them in Buffalo. I am quite confident he can afford to hire an outstanding coaching staff and make the right player and personnel moves that can make the difference in whether we live or die.

Nurses are not known to throw in the towel or give up hope easily. For 50+ years I have followed my team faithfully and do not plan to stop now. However, we do not sit back quietly either, but rather, we make a lot of noise until someone listens. Hopefully Terry Pegula will clean house and get rid of this epidemic. Soon.

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  1. I love this!!!!! Thank you so much for your kind words. Hahaha… you are SO right about nurses and perseverance :) Keep up the great work, I love your perspective.

    By any chance… are you (or hubby if you are married and took a different last name) related to a wonderful woman who was the head nurse on my first assignment in urologic oncology at Roswell back in the mid-70’s? Her name was Pat Salerno. She was a great lady who inspired me as a new graduate nurse :)

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