5 Key Plays in the Bills/Chargers Game

The Buffalo Bills showed some weaknesses and a lack of communication in week three. Buffalo failed to generate any real yardage through the first half on offense or stop any of the Chargers advances. The Bills will now face the Houston Texans who were defeated by the New York Giants 30-17.

Before looking ahead to this week’s matchup, I thought it’d be beneficial to look at 5 important plays in the Bills/Chargers game.

Phillips Rivers to Malcom Floyd

SD 27 to the BUF 49

2nd and 8

(12:28) 1st Qtr

Chargers WR Malcom Floyd made the biggest play of the game.
Chargers WR Malcom Floyd made the biggest play of the game.

This play is important because it ultimately led to the Chargers first touchdown, while also providing a huge spark for San Diego’s offense.  Nickell Robey was knocked off-balance by a Keenan Allen pick, leaving Malcolm Floyd virtually wide open down the field. The stadium was loud at this point and nothing kills momentum more than a 49-yard pass at the beginning of the game.

Danny Woodhead’s Injury

BUF 24 to the BUF 23

1st and 10

(11:50) 1st Qtr

Danny Woodhead suffering an injury was big for the Bills’ defense, as he’s proven multiple times in the past, just how big of a threat he is as a receiver out of the backfield. Donald Brown is a more one-dimensional back, that the Bills were able to contain. Unfortunately, that led for Philip Rivers to throw for 249 yards, including two 49 yard passes to Malcom Floyd.

Philip Rivers pass to Eddie Royal

SD 21 to the SD 44

3rd and 9

(:52) 1st Qtr

With “The Ralph” on its toes it looked as if there was confusion in the secondary, as Nickell Robey’s back was turned to the ball when it was snapped. Eddie Royal came underneath and found himself one on one with Preston Brown. Royal easily beat him to the outside for 23 yards.

Offensive Holding on Scott Chandler

(9:37) 2nd Qtr

This may not seem as a big deal, but what this did was turn a 2nd-and-2 into a 2nd-and-12, which after a incomplete pass to Watkins turned into a 3rd-and-12. Buffalo shot themselves in the foot many times with penalties on Sunday. This is just one example.

Philip Rivers Run

SD 34 to the SD 43

(12:21) 3rd Qtr

After two failed runs the Chargers opened up for a pass play on 3rd and 8. With no one open, Philip Rivers scrambled 9-yards to the 43-yard line, moving the chains on a drive that resulted in a touchdown. This would eventually make Buffalo’s touchdown later in the quarter essentially meaningless as the Chargers were still up by 10.

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