The Intangibles: Distractions Get In The Way Of The Reason For The Season

On the eve of what looks to be one of the more interesting seasons of football in Bills history, Bills fans are bombarded with distractions, some good, some not so much. In an off season when the sole owner of the Buffalo Bills died and the sale of the team has been an ongoing soap opera, the team is preparing to take the field and play a game that counts for the first time.

Let’s look at what the Bills fan base has been dealing with during this rather unusual off season. First and foremost, Mr. Wilson’s passing created a gaping hole of insecurity and apprehension among a very loud and proud fan base.

Jim Kelly’s cancer returned, only to be slayed again by the biggest dragon to ever wear a Bills uniform, but not before he had to go through one of the worst experiences a person can endure. The entire Western New York community grieved at the news of recurrence of his cancer, and carried heavy hearts as he went through the biggest challenge of his life for months.

As all of that unfolded, and after over a decade of failure drafting QBs, it turns out that EJ Manuel represents more of a question than an answer to the prayers of a rabid fan base yearning for a winner. Fans are traumatized by repeatedly getting their hopes up that the Bills would find their franchise quarterback.

Then we have the energetic and entertaining Doug Marrone going into his second year as head coach. Marrone has been nothing but pure entertainment to watch as he toys with the media on a regular basis.

He quickly extinguished the honeymoon phase of his job on his own. There’s little confusion that he might be perceived as a softie, and has provided us with some of the most interesting press conferences Bills fans have seen in years.

While Dick Jauron put us all in a coma, Marrone has kept us on the edge of our seats when he blows back on reporters like a natural gas explosion. His increasingly volatile displays of emotion are sometimes criticized by the same fans who critiqued Richard Jauron for being too passive.

All of these distractions have created a hairball in the stomachs of Bills fans. Claiming this off season has been chaotic is a massive understatement. Despite the chaos, the regular season is upon us, and many Bills fans are as mired in confusion as the season opens tomorrow in Chicago.

And, in almost spectacular fashion we have Jason LaCanfora to pile on a few days before the season starts. He published an article full of unnamed sources claiming everything from players not liking the coach to Marrone referring to himself as “Saint Doug”. {LINK}

The first thing that came to mind when I read that comment was ‘meh’. Marrone was a Saint… in New Orleans! Plus, I don’t know a Bills fan that wouldn’t canonize him a saint if he brought the Lombardi to One Bills Drive. So much for LaCanfora trying to get under the skin of Bills fans.

C’mon, man. Bills fans can smell trouble out of the front office or locker room faster than any national “reporter”, whose goal to create clicks and controversy is way too transparent. How grandiose can this national reporter be to think he can scoop the likes of our local media, who do a fantastic job of providing their own pot stirring intrigue?

Bills fans are blessed with colorful local media professionals that take the time to interact on Twitter, and report what they see at practice or elsewhere around One Bills Drive. Vic Carruci is even coming back to where he belongs in Buffalo with tremedous professionalism and extensive connections.

Let’s just get real with what we know about some of the national media folks who cover the Bills. Some are very good at maintaining an open mind about the Bills. Then there are others who rarely set foot on campus at St. John Fisher College or One Bills Drive but want us to believe they know more about the Bills than those who are physically present every day.

They continue to diss the team without even watching them in person. Yet these so called professional journalists think they can connect dots with only what they hear from their sources long distance. Puhleez.

It’s time to switch gears out of the silly season and back into the reality that each game now counts. It’s time to start looking more at how the Bills are going to fare this season on the field than off.

Letting go of the circus and focusing on how well the Bills offensive line performs in Chicago seems a lot more like the reason for the season than pontificating about front office politics. Now is the time we should enjoy what could become one of the best defensive lines in Bills history!

Debating how the Bills secondary will fare against Jay Cutler and a top shelf set of wide receivers is the reason for the season. This Bills team is loaded with talent, and even an average performance by EJ Manuel should be enough to help the Bills open their season with a victory.

Fans are blessed these days with so much information and data being provided by newspapers, web sites, articles, blogs, and message boards. There was a time when the only way to connect with the Bills for out of town fans was to wait for the Shout! magazine to arrive a week late.

Now the biggest problem for fans is to avoid getting distracted by too much information and focusing on what interests them the most. Some fans love to analyze scheme, others are more interested in statistics, and some just want to know the score of the game.

Regardless of what turns your crank as a Bills fan, there are plenty of great writers and analysts that can help us get our Bills ‘fix’. Let the silly season die it’s natural death, and thankfully, lets begin to watch our favorite team play football. Go Bills!

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  1. Great article! No matter what happens today I appreciate someone who shows a little optomism and spirit. Go Bills!