What to do with Cyrus Kouandjio?  

The Buffalo Bills have to cut their roster down to 53 players by 1 pm on August 30th. Through a month’s worth of camp and now four preseason games, fans know most of the players that will be on that roster. But there is a predicament that the team faces with 2014 second round pick Cyrus Kouandjio.

Cyrus Kouandjio has struggled since joining the Buffalo Bills. (BuffaloBills.com)

At this point the former Alabama offensive tackle has been called Venus de Milo, and not an All-American like he was in college. Many in the media have suggested that if Kouandjio makes the team it will only be because of his draft status, not his play on the field. Many fans would agree with this statement.

It appears Kouandjio will make the team, as the front office doesn’t want to admit that they made a mistake in selecting him when they did. That said, it is important to remember Kouandijo was rated as a first round talent by many talent experts, and appeared to be ready to step into a starting spot.

However, now that the team and player are at this juncture it’s become a question of what the Bills will do with Kouandjio going forward. Right now, I believe the best option is to leave him as inactive on most game days, until either an injury or his performance call for him to be on the sideline.

Within that decision though is the greater microcosm of Kouandjio’s failure and how it lies with head coach Doug Marrone. It was Marrone who preached about burying the losing mentality on the roster and has jettisoned players who didn’t fit his personality. Kouandjio was perceived as a Marrone type of player. He is big, plays gritty, and is a fierce blocker who came from a winning program. Kouandjio even stated when he first got to Buffalo that he hasn’t done anything but win.

Now it’s up to Marrone to rebuild this once proud player. This is the first time Kouandjio has failed at anything football related.

How will he react to being inactive on game days?  Will he listen to the coaches and implement what they are telling him so he can get on the field? These are critical questions that the player has to answer, and for the head coach to make sure he is staying on the right track developmentally.

What do you believe the Bills should do with Cyrus Kouandjio in 2014? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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  1. Tackle is a hard position to command your first year. Look at all the 1st round tackles who have struggled their first year. This is a Aaron Rodgers Scenario let him build his confidence and get to NFL speed and slowly implement him into the player we all know he will eventually become