10 Quick Observations from the Bills Preseason Win Over the Panthers

Another preseason game in the books… That means its time for 10 quick observations from the Bills preseason win over the Panthers, the second in my Samuelson Slant series that will culminate in an overall observation article from the preseason.

(Sam Sharpe/USA TODAY Sports)
Bryce Brown doesn’t look like a backup running back. (Sam Sharpe/USA TODAY Sports)

Although this was the second preseason game, there was still not much to be seen from the first team on either side of the ball, but there was enough to get me even more excited for just how good this team could potentially be. Here are my quick observations:

1. Once Sammy Watkins and Manuel are fully in sync, Watkins will get the ball A LOT
2. C.J. Spiller will be more explosive than ever with the RB depth now on the roster
3. Squandering red zone opportunities will be this team’s Achilles heel – as I said in July
4. The run defense looks better each time I see the team on the field
5. EJ Manuel looked locked in with his 9-of-13 performance, let’s hope it continues
6. Bryce Brown is the best “3rd-string” running back in the NFL
7. The receivers are maturing well and growing into a formidable group
8. The offensive line showed its youth at times, but did well – Cordy Glenn’s presence should help
9. Special teams appears to be vastly improved from a season ago
10. If the defense stays this committed to forcing turnovers, offensive struggles will be somewhat alleviated

Speaking about the offensive struggles, Doug Marrone put it perfectly.

“We had yardage, we moved the ball,” Marrone said according to a recap of the game on ESPN. “In those situations, which we work on very hard, we have to do a better job of taking advantage of those opportunities. Right now, we’re on the back end of what we want to convert statistically.”

I’m looking forward to seeing the team in continued action to see if they are better able to convert. There are still three more opportunities to work the kinks out before the games matter, after all. In my opinion that is plenty of time to improve on what they need to. In conclusion to these 10 quick observations from the Bills preseason win over the Panthers, I’m going to share my most accurate prediction from the week before. So be sure to check out my observations after each preseason game and let me know what observations you had and if you agree with mine or not.

Last Week’s Most Accurate Observation: “There is more depth in the secondary than expected” – 10 Quick Observations from the Bills Hall of Fame Game vs. the Giants

Reason: Da’Norris Searcy intercepted a pass which led to points and second-year safety Jonathan Meeks saved the game with an interception of his own.

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