10 Quick Observations from the Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame Game vs. the Giants

The 2014 NFL season is officially here. Well the preseason anyway. With all the off-season story lines that haven’t been football related and the fact we still don’t know who is going to own the team, it was good to see the team on the field against someone besides themselves. Here’s to us all hoping 2014 is the year!

(Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Buffalo Bills football is back! (Jason Miller/Getty Images)

The first unit on both sides of the ball was only on the field for a handful of snaps, but it was enough time to make 10 quick observations from the Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame game. The idea behind this article is that while watching the game last night, I wrote down some of the first thoughts that I had. I then re-watched the game (Thank you to whoever invented DVR, seriously one of the best inventions ever) and without looking at my previous observations, repeated the process. The list I’ve featured here are the 10 comments that were on both lists.

  1. Nigel Bradham is not Kiko Alonso, but he’ll be okay.
  2. The D-line will be as good as advertised – see Kyle Williams’ strip sack.
  3. The O-line has some depth, but is a serious question mark without Cordy Glenn.
  4. We will see a lot more shots down field than we saw last year.
  5. EJ needs to look off LBs unless he wants to throw a lot of interceptions.
  6. The run defense will be improved, but not without miscues.
  7. Robert Woods will be a great second/third WR.
  8. The read-option and running out of the shotgun will be a real weapon for the offense.
  9. There is more depth in the secondary than expected.
  10. Special teams will be a difference maker in 2014.

These quick observations aren’t meant to be anything more than just that, quick observations. They aren’t meant to provide any deep insight, yet… But I plan on writing similar Samuelson Slant articles after each preseason game. In the final one, when we get our best look at the offensive and defensive starters before the first game of the season, I will analyze what observations have remained true.

Agree/Disagree, what observations did you make about the team from the first preseason game of the 2014 season Bills Mafia? Comment below.

Oh and if you missed NBC Sports’ Jim Kelly interview that aired at halftime, you need to watch it now!

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4 Replies to “10 Quick Observations from the Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame Game vs. the Giants”

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  3. Likes seeing Rivers, Bradham, and Spikes stuff the run with #1s, Preston Brown made a nice called back interception. He will be the starter for Week1 during Bradham’s suspension. The LBs are much stronger but still the weak link on the defense.

    CB depth is crazy. Without the Top 2 CBs the Bills CBs still looked great. Graham was a great addition as a leader and a player.

    Henderson is a revelation but the Bills were superthin last year at LT and without Glenn you have to be pretty worried. Well Wishes to Cordy Glenn.

    Easely Made a nice punt block but I think the Jury is still out on Special Teams.

    Put a mid tier QB like Sam Bradford, Carson Palmer, or Andy Dalton on this team and this team is favorite for a Wild Card and a real shot for Winning the Division. Like we don’t already know, it comes down to EJ.

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