Buffalo Bills Custom Madden 15 Covers

EA Sports’ legendary Madden franchise will be debuting its next edition on August 26th in North America and August 29th in Europe. Gracing the cover will be Super Bowl champion Richard Sherman.

There’s no shame in going with the cover that they put on the shelves, but a quick Google search will provide you with options to print out custom fan-made covers.

It is, however, a little tough to find some custom Buffalo Bills covers, so I decided to provide some options. I tweeted out who Bills fans wanted to see on a Bills cover and got some great answers.

Here are some custom Madden 15 covers that I came up with:

The Manuel

The “Only in Buffalo”

The InFredible Hulk


The Legend

Then and Now

Super Mario

Speed Kills

Coming soon, I’ll have¬†downloadable files/links that anyone can use to print a cover for Madden 15 on¬†PS4 or XBox One. Some printers may not be able to properly and fully print the covers or colors.

Any other players you’d like to see? Let me know in the comment section below and I’ll see what I can do!

7 Replies to “Buffalo Bills Custom Madden 15 Covers”

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  2. Fred ps4 one on Xbox one, or one of both Fred and cj?
    Anyhow, tremendous work here no matter what, I’m not letting D.sherman grace MY cover. Go Bills.

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