Don’t Overreact to Marcell Dareus’ Latest Infractions

Last season, Marcell Dareus literally needed a wake up call or twenty. It seems Dareus may also need a figurative wake up call as well, but that’s not our responsibility as fans. Simply put, let’s not overreact to the latest Dareus news.

(Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)
Leave Marcell Dareus’ punishment to the court system and Roger Goodell, Bills fans. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

In the last month or so, Dareus has made some poor choices. This cannot be argued.

On May 6th, Dareus was pulled over in Alabama for speeding. He was found with a synthetic marijuana known as “spice” as well as other drug paraphernalia.

When asked about the arrest, Dareus had the following to say:

It’s not what you guys think it is,” Dareus said. “The media put things out there the wrong way… There’s not really much for me to linger on. I have a job here, and I have to do the best I can to represent the Buffalo Bills.”

Dareus made it seem like he learned from this experience:

“I feel like I’m on the straight and narrow,” he later continued. “All I’m going to have to do is just… things happen. Young, dumb. You’ve got to correct it and just move forward.”


While Dareus said all the right things, it didn’t take him long to get into trouble again. On Friday, May 30th, Dareus was arrested after crashing his car, a 2012 Jaguar, into a tree outside of the Mongolian Buffet. The defensive tackle was charged with reckless endangerment in the second degree (Class A misdemeanor), reckless driving in an illegal speed contest and other traffic violations.

Today, Doug Marrone spoke on Dareus:

“Marcell has made some poor decisions lately. I’ve been working with him. He’s dealing with a lot of personal issues, too. I spoke with him at length. We spent a lot of time together talking about a lot of things. … I believe in Marcell, and I will do everything I can to make sure that we can get him on the right track.”

Marrone may be saying all the right things himself, but one would guess that Buffalo’s head coach isn’t happy with Dareus once again getting himself into trouble.

Dareus will not only have to address his arrests in court, but he’ll also have to answer to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and possibly his teammates. His punishment and possible suspension will come in due time.

Some fans however feel that the Bills should take control of the situation by releasing Dareus.

There’s plenty of other hot takes on Twitter, but I’ll leave those for you to search yourself. Releasing Dareus would certainly prove a point that the team won’t tolerate off the field issues, but releasing Dareus is not the right answer. Releasing Dareus won’t suddenly make him a better decision maker and it certainly doesn’t help the Bills.

Dareus would have no shortage of suitors if Buffalo released him, and rightfully so; he’s one of the best defensive linemen in the league. All releasing Dareus does is weaken Buffalo’s roster and his infractions, while juvenile, not are release worthy. Many teams have players that cannot stay out of trouble (See: Gordon, Josh and Blackmon, Justin) and they’re sticking by their players. The Bills need to do the same.

Please don’t think I’m condoning Dareus’ actions. There are no excuses for Dareus’ latest infractions. That being said, the Bills shouldn’t rush to judgment. Put the pitchforks away and settle down. Let the judicial process and Roger Goodell take action and then react accordingly.

Dareus is a 24 year old adult and he needs to take responsibility for his life. However, our job as fans isn’t to decide what the right punishment is for the large defensive tackle. The court system and Roger Goodell will each have their day with Dareus and whatever comes from it, I support it.

The Bills need to stand by their mammoth man and hope he learns from his mistakes. If the troubling pattern continues into 2014 and beyond, then give him the Marshawn Lynch treatment. Until that happens, support Dareus and hope that a possible league imposed suspension is the wake-up call he needs.

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