Kenny Britt: A Low Risk/High Reward Investment for the Bills

The Buffalo Bills have been quiet after a flurry of signings in free agency. The team still has roughly $14 million in cap space according to Over the Cap, so another signing or two may not be out of the question. On Thursday night, Alex Marvez of FOXSports1 tweeted out news of a player the Bills have expressed interest in:

Britt is an intriguing free agent option and I’ve always been a fan from a distance.

Why should the Bills bring Britt in? Here’s a few reasons.

Big Wins

(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
Kenny Britt is the definition of a low risk/high reward signing. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

The “big wins” saying came out of the mouth of Bills GM Doug Whaley. At 6’3″, Britt fits the big wide receiver mold that Whaley wants at wide receiver. The team currently has large wide receivers such as Brandon Kaufman (6’5″), Cordell Roberson (6’4″), Chris Summers (6’5″), Kevin Elliott (6’3″) and Ramses Barden (6’6″) on their roster, but none are as proven as Britt. There’s no harm in bringing in another big wide receiver to compete for a roster spot.

He’ll Sign a “Prove It” Deal

Britt’s agent, Pat Dye Jr., stated that Britt will likely sign a short-term deal where he’ll receive the most playing time. This is the definition of a “prove it” deal. Britt will likely sign a one-year deal at an affordable price in an attempt to get a big contract next year. Don’t worry about 2015 and beyond, Bills fans. If Britt signs, just know he’ll be giving it his best all year long.

Good Behavior

Prove it deals don’t just involve on-field performance, they also deal with player behavior. Kenny Britt is no angel. Here are some of Britt’s off-field problems since entering the league:

-DWI arrest
-Outstanding traffic warrants for false statements on his driver’s license application.
-Driving without a license.
– A lawsuit for his alleged role in a Nashville bar fight.
– Arrested after a car chase.
– Resisting arrest charges.

He was also fined for missing a rehab session in Tennessee and was accused of being a problem in the locker room. The red flags are there and I’m not denying it, but if Britt wants to continue his NFL career he’ll have to be on his best behavior.

Entering His Prime

Britt started his NFL career with back-to-back 700+ yard seasons. Since then, injuries and lack of playing time have derailed his production. That said, Britt is only 25 years old and is just entering the prime of his career. The wide receiver threw out a guarantee at the end of the 2013 season:

“I am going to be a No. 1 receiver somewhere else if I am not here next year, and that is guaranteed,” Britt said, via the Tennessean. ‘I am definitely going to be a receiver that makes plays on Sundays and makes something happen for a team.”


Britt believes he has the ability, but he just needs a new home to prove it. He’d certainly get the opportunity for playing time in Buffalo. Sometimes a player just needs a fresh start (See: Hughes, Jerry).

Zero Risk Involved

What if Britt is a locker room problem? Cut him.

What if Britt has off-field issues? Cut him.

What if Britt underwhelms at training camp? Cut him.

You get the idea. Britt isn’t going to break the bank. In fact, by NFL standards he’ll be lucky to break the piggy bank in his next contract. There will most certainly be incentives in his contract, but no harm, no foul if he doesn’t reach them.

Now, look at it from the positive angle. If Britt performs well, it helps the team. If Britt performs well, he makes some extra money. If Britt performs well, he may want to extend his stay in Buffalo.

Signing Britt wouldn’t cause any harm. It wouldn’t change Buffalo’s draft strategy and it wouldn’t cost the team much money. The risk is low and the rewards could be high, so why not Buffalo?



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