#JustSayNoBills: Which Free Agents Should the Bills Avoid?

Welcome to the first article in my hashtag series.

Throughout the off-season, I’ll pose a question on Twitter and use a hashtag. I’ll then take some of your responses, embed them into the article and discuss the tweets.

This week’s topic: Which Free Agents Should the Bills Avoid?

 (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Bills fans aren’t interested in having Michael Vick at quarterback. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)




Mike Vick isn’t a very popular option among Bills fans. Buffalo will likely cut Kevin Kolb, but they still will have EJ Manuel, Thad Lewis and Jeff Tuel on their roster. Buffalo will most likely roll with these three quarterbacks in 2014, plus Vick is looking to land in a spot where he has the opportunity to start.

Agreed. Tebow is the Voldemort (He who must not be named) of the NFL. Hopefully the former quarterback transitions well to his role as a college football analyst.

He does have a Super Bowl ring…

::Spits out Flutie Flakes:: Not funny KJ.  

Wide Receivers


Nicks was also mentioned in some of the quarterback choices, so he seems to be the wide receiver fans want to see in red, white and blue the least. Buffalo is supposedly looking for a tall wide receiver, so Nicks isn’t exactly an ideal fit at 6’1″. He’s also coming off of two of his worst seasons, so Buffalo could probably spend their money more wisely elsewhere. Eric Decker will command more money than any other free agent wide receiver, and truthfully he probably doesn’t deserve it. Peyton Manning makes all of his wide receivers look better, so I wouldn’t want to shell out big money for the wide out.

Richie Incognito

Incognito had a stint with the Bills in 2009, but I’d rather not bring him back. Richie will probably be on his best behavior in his next landing spot, but Buffalo doesn’t need the distraction.

Brandon Spikes


Bills fans aren’t thrilled with the idea of adding Brandon Spikes. The ILB enjoyed seeing Buffalo being referred to as the “plumber’s butt of America.” He may not be a fan favorite, but he is a terrific run stopping linebacker, just what the Bills need.

Jairus Byrd

Personally, I disagree with this one. Byrd is a game-changing safety and will be worth every penny he receives. Buffalo’s defense will suffer greatly without Byrd. The team can explore other free agent options, but Byrd is one free agent the team cannot lose.

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