Interview with Buffalo Jills 2014 Pro Bowl Representative Emily

Here She Is Buffalo, Your 2014 NFL Pro Bowl Representative – Emily!

Tuesday night the Buffalo Jills were kind enough to give me exclusive access to their Pro Bowl selection process. Once again, our beautiful and talented Jills amazed me!

After witnessing some pretty intense auditions, Emily was chosen by her peers to represent the Jills at the 2014 NFL Pro Bowl in Honolulu, Hawaii.

“I can’t believe it! I’m in so much shock right now,” Emily said before calling her mom to share the good news. “I’ve been wanting this since I first made the team and I watched the first tryout.”

In the world of professional cheerleading, being a Pro Bowl representative is one of the highest honors for an NFL Cheerleader.
“Being selected to go to the Pro Bowl is really like our cheerleaders Super Bowl,” said Jills Director, Stephanie Mateczun. “It’s kind of an elite status and shows you’ve worked really hard.”

While every NFL team has different methods of selecting their Pro Bowl representative, the Jills have a long-standing tradition. It starts with the team selecting their top veteran candidates. This year, the Jills selected Alyssa, Emily, Jenny and Melissa. The girls tell me that was the easy part!

As the Jills arrived at the Bills Healthy Zone Fieldhouse, current Buffalo Jill and 2013 Pro Bowl representative Lisa, was waiting. She had just 30 minutes to teach the candidates a routine from last year’s Pro Bowl.

“I know how nerve wracking it is. I’ve been nervous for them for weeks,” Lisa said. “I can perform in front of 80,000 people. But once you put your peers in front of you, it’s so much more intimidating.”

I was amazed as I watched the candidates master Lisa’s dance routine in such little time. Then, one-by-one, they performed and answered questions in front of their teammates who doubled as their judges.

“It’s hard to go against your other friends while your friends are watching,” Emily said, just moments after being named the Jills 2014 Pro Bowl representative.

Emily will now spend one week in Hawaii meeting fellow Pro Bowl representatives and being treated like royalty.

“It’s really a special opportunity,” Lisa recalled of her Pro Bowl experience. “It’s the only time you’re kind of on the same level as the players. The NFL throws this for you. It’s for you and it’s for the players.”

Teammate and 2010 Pro Bowl representative, Christina, says her Pro Bowl experience was among the most memorable of her life. When asked if she had any advice for Emily, Christina said: “Just enjoy every moment. Always have fun, no regrets and literally take every memory you can and save it.”

But Emily’s time in the Aloha State isn’t going to be all rest and relaxation. She’s going to have to learn a series of dance routines prior to takeoff. Then she’ll spend countless hours practicing with other NFL Cheerleaders before the big game on January 26th.

“It’s a little bit of a Miss America,” Mateczun said of the pressure at the Pro Bowl. “Everybody is beautiful, everybody looks good and everybody dances good.”

Emily says she’s ready and looking forward to the challenge – and the fun that comes with it.

“I’m planning on spending a lot of time with my teammates so I can really just embody all of them before I go and just represent them, Buffalo and the Buffalo Bills the best I can,” Emily said. “I never thought this would be a possibility in my future, yet alone be selected by my team.”

We wish Emily the best of luck and are looking forward to seeing her on the big screen performing live from Aloha Stadium. Join us in congratulating Emily by tweeting her and the Jills: @BuffaloJills10.

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