Adam Schefter Lectures at The College at Brockport

As many of the #Billsmafia may not know, Adam Schefter is a fantastic speaker and overall, an easygoing guy with a heck of a lot on his plate.


He didn’t speak too long about himself and how he got to where he did. He explained that getting rejected time and time didn’t stop him. At the University of Michigan as a freshman, he initially went to try and join a fraternity. They turned him down. He then went to ask the football team if they needed a water boy or someone to carry the jock straps. They said no. He went to the basketball team and asked if they needed a water boy or someone to carry the jock straps. They said no.

He then found his outlet through the school newspaper. Initially that took off, and now we see him today on ESPN. There was a lot between his college career and his post-collegiate career before he landed the job at NFL Network when that channel had started up.


Before he began the lecture however, I was already in line, grabbed a picture with him and handed him a #Billsmafia wristband, a business card, and note that Del (@mrdeadlier) helped me plan out in hopes to get him unblocked on Twitter. (Note from Del: Yeah… still blocked.)

It was pretty cool when he laughed at my shirt once he saw it was #Billsmafia, and asked how far Buffalo was from here. We didn’t really have time to talk even though I would have had so much to say if we did.

He then went on to answer some questions from the audience before and after he lectured and some were really funny.

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Q: How many contacts do you have in your phone and what’s the most famous one?

A: “I probably have close to 6,300 contacts in my phone and I’ll give you an offbeat one. I was at the ESPY’s and had heard Chris Paul was trying to get a hold of me. 2 days later, he called on his family vacation from Thailand, and we talked for about 10 minutes. I thought he was going to ask me some life advice and whatnot and he said to me. “Look, I’m playing in a fantasy league against LeBron and Jay-Z and I was wondering if you’d come to the draft and help me pick my team. When I walked into the draft, all the other guys pointed and yelled “nooooooo!” It was pretty crazy.”

There were some scattered Bills questions throughout the Q&A.

• Schefter said he does think Doug Marrone was the best hire out of the 7 coaches hired in the NFL this year and that our team needs to build through another draft or two but has the potential to be really solid and make the playoffs.

• He also thinks Jairus Byrd will not be returning to Buffalo next year.

• Schefter thinks EJ has a ton of potential but he also really likes Thad Lewis. Also said there isn’t enough evidence to judge whether EJ will be our guy for the next 15 years or not.

• Someone also asked about what will happen once Ralph passes and where the team will go. He said the team means a lot to those in Buffalo and he doesn’t think it will go anywhere and will stay in western NY but most likely continue the Toronto series.

• He also was asked how long the Bills will have to wait for a Super Bowl. He referenced wide right and joked about if we had made that one kick.

Overall it was a great lecture and I really enjoyed listening to his stories and respect him a lot more for what he does, the time he takes away from his family, and the crazy busy life he leads.

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