Bills Mafia Fantasy Football Leagues

I wanted to take this time to give everyone an update on the Bills Mafia Fantasy Football Leagues.

As most of you know, this is the second year for BMFF and for the most part Bills fans are very knowledgeable players. I have to start out with a great big shout out to the other two commissioners who have been helping me this year. Without these guys we could never have handled the volume of teams and leagues. Returning commish, Jesse has done a great job for a second season and is very creative with his weekly notes, assigning trophies to teams for various reasons such as:

The “Wide Right” trophy for a great fight but a gut wrenching loss.
“Why so serious” for top score, and
“JP Losman” trophy for low score.
The best trophy name is for the closest game of the week, “Reich one Baby”.

Our newest commissioner is Lucas. This season would not have been a success without him. In the beginning we had so much interest, my head was ready to spin off and when I reached out to Lucas, he came through. Not only did he pickup the extra teams, he had the job of naming the newest league and he couldn’t have come up with a better name, “Pettine Zoo.”

BMFF currently has 68 teams in 6 different leagues, up 20 teams from last years number of 48. We have Bills fans from all over the world, including one from Australia. How cool is that? The 6 league names are FAMbase, Schefter Breaking News, Pettine Zoo, Extrawack, Buffalove and Billieve.

At the end of this article is the links to all of these leagues, feel free to look in and see who is leading each league.

Week 14 marks the end of the regular season in our leagues and there will be much trash talking. Last year we managed to have an Original Gangster in each league but since we have gotten bigger and OG Del Reid had to step down due to other commitments, that is no longer possible but that hasn’t stopped OG Breyon Harris from being the biggest trash talker of them all. He is always good for a funny comment on game day.

I will give you a quick update on each league.

Extrawack FF has 2 teams standing at 8-1, The Goonies and Saint Ryhan who is on a 6 game winning streak. I’ve been playing FF for a long time and 8-1 at this stage is hard to do so congrats to those guys, they are a lock for the playoffs.

Buffalove FF also has an 8-1 team, Wide Right Threw my Heart. This league has many creative names such as, Manuel Labor, Shaub on my Knob, Whaley’s World and the legendary Moats and Hoes.

Billieve FF has an 8-1 team also owned by New Cryland Cry Bradys. This league also has some creative names such as, Spiller Instinct, Manuel of Steel and Flash Goodwin.

Pettine Zoo FF has an 8-1 team on an 8 game win streak and a 7-2 team on a 7 game win streak and I would have to say that only 3 teams out of 12 may be out of the playoff race, very competitive league.

FAMbase FF is another very competitive league, Bruce is Loose at 7-2 with Breyon right behind him at 6-3. Yours truly is on top of the eastern conference at 4-4-1, which shows how close we all are in this league.

Schefter Breaking News FF probably has the closest of all of the leagues. Five teams are at 6-3 with 4 out of 5 teams in the eastern conference tied at 6-3, with no team having a worse record than 3-6. You have to see it to believe it.

I could write all night about the different teams and standings as there is so much to talk about but if you want to know more, check out the links below and watch for yourself. Maybe next year we will have over 100 teams.

I leave you with this, although the Bills have struggled with injuries and lost some games we should have won, you have to agree that this team is exciting to watch. I know we all want the playoffs this year and I believe we still can make that happen even though we have to play almost perfect to the end but isn’t next year going to be even more exciting when these guys develop some chemistry with each other. The future looks very bright in Buffalo and this fan of 24 years has not been this excited about Bills football since the great teams of the early 90’s. GO BILLS

Vance: @vancemiller2 and @TBM_Fantasy


Billieve FF

Buffalove FF

Extrawack FF

Pettine Zoo FF

FAMbase FF

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