Interview with Shane Prouty, owner of “The #BillsMafia House”

I’m sure by now most of you have seen or heard about the #BillsMafia House. If you’ve been to the Ralph recently it’s kind of hard to miss… You know, the white house with the huge #BillsMafia logo on it! Or maybe you caught a glimpse of it on the NFL Network?


The investigative reporter and Bills fan in me was curious about this house. Who lives there? Where did the idea come from? How much attention is the house is receiving? And what do the neighbors think?

The owner, 29 year old Shane Prouty, was nice enough to open up his home and share the story behind his #BillsMafia House with me.

Prouty, a die-hard Bills fan, says he had his eye on the house for several months prior to actually purchasing it. Like many homebuyers, he says it was all about location, location, location: “I wanted to be able to look out my window every day and see the Ralph.”

Before: "Jets" green. AKA, "ugly."

His dream came true. In March Prouty moved into his new home on Fay Street in Orchard Park. The only problem was the color. “It was Jets green. It was ‘ugly’ as we like to say in the Bills World,” said the first time homebuyer.

The self-described “biggest Bills fan” says he had a vision for his new home which sits directly across the street from Ralph Wilson Stadium. He says he knew he had to work fast: “I can’t have that color of a house during football season!” Prouty immediately painted the house white. Then, using transparency paper and a projector, he spent countless hours carefully tracing and painting the logos. The finishing touches were put in place just hours before the home opener against the New England Patriots.

Group Photo

“I would like to own this house for the rest of my life,” Prouty said standing his back yard looking at his freshly painted house which boasts the #BillsMafia and the Buffalo Bills “charging buffalo” logos.

Since its completion, the #BillsMafia House has become somewhat of a local attraction in Orchard Park. On October 3rd the house made a brief appearance on the NFL Network during the Bills/Browns game. Prouty said friends from all over the country were texting and tweeting him: “I didn’t really expect it. We were tailgating in Cleveland for the Thursday night game and all of a sudden my phone started kind of going crazy.”

And all the buzz on Twitter about the #BillsMafia House, has prompted curious fans, mostly on game day, to stop by in person. “We’ve gotten just random people from out of town stopping in during the week. They may be here for work, or whatever, and they just swing by. I actually enjoy it. I like seeing fellow Bills fans from different states,” said Prouty.

Shane and Bobbie

So what do Prouty’s neighbors think about his house and all the attention it’s getting? “They get it and they actually enjoy it,” he said. “There are a lot of people that come into this neighborhood, especially for the Bills games and it doesn’t get too crazy here so they’re definitely okay with it.”

Prouty says anybody is more than welcome to stop by, say hello and take pictures of the house, he just asks that you be mindful of his girlfriend and their small children.

Be sure to follow the #BillsMafia House on Twitter @ralphsrockpile. If you go to the game this Sunday and stop by the #BillsMafia house, tweet me your pictures @MobiliaJennifer, I’d love to see them.

Coming up next week… Have you seen the #BuffaloBillsRV around town or in the camper lot at the Ralph? @CircleThisWagon gives us an inside look!

As you’re probably aware, we rolled out a new #BillsMafia logo this week. Wouldn’t you know, I got a direct message from Shane the same day saying he was excited and ready to go with a repaint this spring! You’re the best, dude. –Del

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