Superstitions, part 2

Many of us are still celebrating the Bills first win on the road this season against the Miami Dolphins. For many of us, that translates into “ok, what did I do last Sunday? I need to do the exact same thing this Sunday.” You know what I’m talking about… Game day rituals and superstitions!

A few weeks ago I ask you to share with me your game day “good luck” charms. Some of the answers were a lot of fun so I wanted to share them with you.

Wayne Williams says he has several rituals that if he doesn’t complete he feels personally responsible if the Bills lose. Here’s what Wayne writes:

– I always wear something Bills related on gameday. My son, 8 months old, does the same.
– I drink 4 cups of coffee (to symbolize our 4 AFC championships) in the morning before kickoff out of my Bills mug.
– If I drink beer DURING the game, I will always drink PBR, as PBR’s colors are similar to the Bills and their can represents our away jerseys.
– My first Facebook status, every gameday, is always “BILLIEVE”.

That’s dedication, Wayne! We thank you, and your 8 month old, for being Billievers!

Jodie McCay @KlassicKindred says: Bacon breakfast or whatever team I cheer for #Bills #Leafs #Jays loses. Eggs guarantee a loss.

Stay away from the eggs, Jodie. They’re high in cholesterol anyhow!

Circle the Wagons @BuffaloBills76 says: I have to wear the same shirt I wore the week before if it’s a win. If it’s not a win I wear a different shirt.

I have a feeling thousands of us will be wearing the same clothes we wore last week!

One of our corporate sponsors, Amherst Pizza and Ale House, says Chicken Wings on gameday are a must!

If you haven’t been to the Amherst Pizza and Ale House, I highly recommend their wings! They’re delicious (trust me, I’m a food snob) not to mention we need to support the businesses that support us.

Many of you asked me if I had any gameday rituals. Of course I do!

I’m the product of a Catholic education and we were always taught we shouldn’t pray for things like our favorite sports team to win… So, I get around that by praying that every Buffalo Bill plays to the best of their ability and that no one gets injured. If the Bills won the week before I have to wear the same thing I wore last week. And finally, I have “home” and “away” Bills earrings.

It’s never too late to share your superstitions or rituals with us! I’d love to hear more!

Next week we’re talking to the owner of the incredibly awesome #BillsMafia House @Ralphsrockpile that’s across from Ralph Wilson Stadium. If you have questions you want answered tweet or email me.


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