Arbitrary, Reactionary Week 6 Power Rankings

Oh, the heartbreak.

Power Rankings! Love 'em or hate 'em, they exist.
Power Rankings! Love ’em or hate ’em, they exist.

Oddly, I’m slightly optimistic just knowing that Thad Lewis took us that close to beating a very good team in his first outing with us. I know, I know… Moral victories be damned. Still, we’re finally getting healthy everywhere else on this team. We’ll miss EJ Manuel every day until he returns, but for now I’m happy to have Thaddeus playing for us. This season definitely isn’t over yet.

I’ll be honest with you: After that difficult loss, I had a very busy last few days. NO, I wasn’t JUST crying in my Cheerios. I’ve actually had a pretty busy week at work, and it ain’t letting up anytime soon. As such, this week’s rankings are less long-winded than normal. Maybe that’s a good thing?

1. Denver Broncos (same): Broncos play their worst game of the season. Still score 35 points and win in a blowout.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (+1): I don’t want to play these guys. WHY DO THE BILLS HAVE TO PLAY THESE GUYS???

3. New Orleans Saints (-1): I am currently furious at the Saints for trying to run it out at the end of the game, when they have Drew Brees as their QB. This team is better than that. Hopefully for their sake the lesson is learned. They have the whole bye week to think about it.

4. Seattle Seahawks (+1): Definitely looking like that loss to the Colts was just a speed bump. Thursday night against the Cardinals will likely be a bloodbath.

5. Cincinnati Bengals (-1):  Our Bills took them to OT with a practice squad QB… Or at least that’s how the media will portray it. I’d argue that we’re better than advertised, but I’m fine with teams continuing to underestimate us.

6. Green Bay Packers (same): Beating the Ravens proves that the Packers can beat quality teams. Was it pretty? No. Their biggest concern is the injury bug.

7. San Francisco 49ers (same): No question that the Niners are getting better week by week, after their early season slump.

8. New England Patriots (+1): Stupid Patriots.

9. Chicago Bears (+1): The Bears offense was less impressive against a weak Giants D, but Cutler finally has protection and a group of receivers to throw to (other than just the one).

10. Indianapolis Colts (-2): It’s just up and down with these guys lately. Beat the Seahawks, lose to the Chargers. Now Peyton’s coming home to show Luck how it’s done.

11. Baltimore Ravens (same): I can’t fault them too much for losing a close one to the Packers. Decent defense against a good team.

12. Detroit Lions (+1): THEY CAN WIN WITHOUT MEGATRON??? Watch out, world.

13: San Diego Chargers (+3): This team is legit. I hate to consider this possibility (because it excludes the Bills), but the AFC West might have three teams in the playoffs this year.

14. Dallas Cowboys (+1): They have two strong performances in a row!… Oh, but one of them was a loss. Still waiting for two consecutive wins.

15. Cleveland Browns (-1): And the win streak ends. Still hope in Believeland, but it might be waning.

16. Miami Dolphins (+1): Time for these fish to get squished.

17. Philadelphia Eagles (+6): Nick Foles is doing work, and suddenly the Eagles are viable contenders. That Week 17 Eagles-Cowboys game is highlighted on the schedule.

18. St. Louis Rams (+7): Shocker! Sam Bradford looked like a pro against a stout Texans defense. He just needs to keep that up.

19. Arizona Cardinals (same): They lose to the Niners, and yet they’re still 3-3. Something to build on.

20. Houston Texans (-8): Like I said, Matt Schaub was the best they had. Idiot fans cheered his injury, unaware that they were cheering the end of their season.

21. Atlanta Falcons (-1): After the bye, their best receivers are STILL injured. Matt Ryan STILL has that giant contract.

22. Tennessee Titans (-1): Oh Fitz, you poor guy. Story of your life. Play tough. Still lose.

23. New York Jets (-5): And lo, the true colors of the Jets were shown.

24. Buffalo Bills (-2): Other than EJ, we’re almost back to full health this week. Many are saying we’re already down for the count, but there’s a lot of fight in this team, and Thad can play.

25. Carolina Panthers (+1): Much needed win to get this team back on track. Of course, they did it against the NFL equivalent of the skinny kid in the Vikings.

26. Oakland Raiders (-2): 10 sacks allowed to the Chiefs. That pretty much sums it up, going into the bye week.

27. Pittsburgh Steelers (+2): They get a big boost for making the Jets look just as bad as we all hoped they would be coming in to the year.

28. Washington Redskins (-1): This team looks WEAK. Amazing how fast things change in this league.

29. Minnesota Vikings (-1): We definitely know one team keeping an eye on college QBs this year.

30. New York Giants (same): I don’t even know what to say in response to the Giants woes. I still rank them as the best winless team based purely on who their QB is. That’s not saying much, right now.

31. Tampa Bay Bucanneers (same): I’m taking great pleasure in knowing that a team this bad was one dumb penalty away from beating the Jets in week 1.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (same): Sure, they played well against the Broncos for the first 19 points (Posluszny sighting!), but they still got beat down hard.

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