Surprises from Around the League

We all know that the NFL is a very volatile league. A team can go from the top to the bottom and visa versa in just one offseason. Great players can seemingly come out of no where and disappear just as quickly. Despite the fact that we know this, we are still caught off guard year after year.

The Kansas City Chiefs

The team with the top overall draft pick in this last draft, and a total of two wins is now 6-0. A lot of people predicted the Chiefs to be much better this year than last but I don’t think anyone expected this.

The Chiefs wins haven’t been anything mind blowing to watch, they have just gone back to fundamental football. They are a team with a staunch defense that’s is allowing only 10.83 points per game. That same defense is allowing less than 200 yards per game through the air which ranks 3rd in the league. Their offense, lead by Alex Smith who was acquired in the offseason, is nothing to get too excited about but they take care of the ball, and rarely make big mistakes. And with as good of a defense as they have you don’t need much more than ball security and a couple touchdowns from your offense to walk away with a win.

The New York Giants

On the flip side of the coin we have the Giants, who no one expected to be this bad. The Giants have lost everyone of their first six games by a total of 106 points, or almost 18 points per game. Even if their offense gets going they don’t have much of a chance with their defense allowing over 30 points in every single game other than their last one where the Bears still scored 27. I mean I didn’t expect the Giants to be super bowl contenders but to be competing with the Jaguars for the bottom of the league is definitely a big surprise.

The Cleveland Browns

The Browns started just about how most people expected losing their first two games to teams who were highly favored over them. What was surprising is after that second loss they seemed to be scrapping their season with a mind boggling trade of their first round pick from a year ago.

Out of nowhere the Browns trade away Trent Richardson to accumulate another first round pick in next years draft. It seemed to most to have been a strategical play in order to trade up in the draft to get whatever quarterback they value most. That along with the lack of a run blocking offensive line made this a productive move for this Browns team. Now not only do they have the extra draft picks that they greatly need, they have also won three of their last four games by leaning more heavily on their pass game, and not asking their lineman to drive defenses backward.

I wish I could be writing this about how the Bills are shocking everyone with incredible wins, and a strong playoff push but thats clearly not the case. That being said I am encouraged with the direction that this Buffalo team is going. This is an unpredictable league we never know what will happen next!

About Dustin Haefele

Dustin grew up outside the little town of Hickman, Nebraska. He graduated from the University of Nebraska in May 2013 and is now a Production Management Engineer for Cargill in Gainesville, Georgia. Despite being from the Midwest, and his Dad's love for the Kansas City Chiefs, Dustin has been a Bills fan for as long as he can remember. God comes first in his life, then family, and then The Buffalo Bills! #BillsMafia Follow him on Twitter at @D_Haef.