Don’t Give Up on Colin Brown Just Yet

The Buffalo Bills have some issues as they sit at 2-3. Their starting quarterback is out for at least four weeks and the team is looking at quarterbacks like Dennis Dixon and Pat White to possibly come in and play. Jairus Byrd is finally healthy enough to play and the team is now open to trading him. In the division, Buffalo sits in last place with the Patriots cruising, Dolphins looking much improved and the Jets holding a victory over the team. I promise this article won’t be as depressing as it’s starting out.

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Through the first three weeks one of Buffalo’s biggest issues was at left guard. To say Colin Brown was playing poorly would have been an understatement. Brown was atrocious in pass and run protection. According to Pro Football Focus, Brown was responsible for one sack, four quarterback hits and THIRTEEN quarterback hurries. After three weeks, Brown’s overall rating was a -25.7, by far the worst offensive guard rating in the NFL. To put things into perspective, a 0.0 is an average performance by Pro Football Focus’ standards. Things looked ugly and the Bills looked foolish for not re-signing Andy Levitre, exploring offensive guard options early in free agency or drafting an offensive guard in the draft.

However, things have changed over the last two weeks. Brown hasn’t been near the liability that he was. Against the Baltimore Ravens, Brown posted a positive number in pass protection (+1.2). He still struggled in run blocking (-2.8) but against the defending Super Bowl Champions, Brown gave up zero quarterback hits, hurries or sacks. It was by far his best game of the season.

This week, against the Browns, Brown took a minor step back. He was credited with giving up one sack, two hits and three hurries. However, Brown did post his first positive rating of the year in run blocking, a +0.6.

In the last two weeks, Brown has posted a -1.2 rating each week for a -2.4 overall rating. No one is confusing Brown with Evan Mathis, the top offensive guard in the league, but the team should be encouraged by Brown’s progress. Buffalo’s next matchup against the Bengals will be a huge test for Brown to see how much he’s truly improved. If he can hold his own against one if, it not the best, defensive lines in football than maybe the Bills can get by with Colin Brown. Don’t give up on Colin Brown just yet, he’s starting to play his best football.

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