Superstitions and game day seem to go hand in hand.

I was just talking to a good friend of mine about what we’re going to wear to the game on Sunday. Being the fashionista that I am, I’m more concerned about looking good while of course being warm enough.


My friend Mike on the other hand explained to me that he has nothing to wear because he’s thrown out most of his clothes. Wait a minute, what?

Yep, turns out Mike is really superstitious. Anything he wears on a day the Bills lose, he throws away! Anything he wears on a day the Bills win, he wears again the following week… Until the Bills lose.

He preceded to tell me, he also changed the brand of soap he uses. He says he’s been using the same soap for the past 13 years with no playoff luck, so he ditched his old soap!

This conversation intrigued me on so many levels.

First of all, my friend must have a lot more money than I thought! Who throws away perfectly good clothes?

Secondly, some people take game day superstitions to a whole new level.

After I got off the phone with Mike, I called my friend Mary. It turns out her husband, who’s a Patriots fan, won’t wash his jersey all season. He says its good luck. Gross!

Personally I don’t have any superstitions. However I usually go to church Sunday mornings, thank God for all the wonderful things in my life and then kindly ask him to please help the Buffalo Bills win.

Superstitions really fascinate me for some reason! Do you have any? Do you think guys are more superstitious than girls when it comes to football?

I’m dying to hear about all the quirky things you do! Tweet or email me ( Maybe next week we can put together a top ten list? We could have a lot of fun with this… But we gotta keep it clean!

About Jennifer Mobilia

Jennifer grew up on a 250-acre grape farm along the shores of Lake Erie and has always been an avid Buffalo Bills fan! With degrees in journalism and business management, Jennifer is currently a news anchor in Providence, Rhode Island. In her spare time she enjoys walking her Standard Poodle "Anna", shopping and helping out at her parents winery. Follow her on Twitter at @MobiliaJennifer.