Arbitrary, Reactionary Week 3 Power Rankings

Yeesh. I guess I should be happy I wasn’t able to watch the game on Sunday. When I finally logged on to Twitter after a long day at a music festival with my kids, it was like the apocalypse happened. All I can say is… DON’T JUMP!!! We’re only three weeks in. Plenty of time to turn things around. We are a young team, after all. As for the rest of the league, that was an INSANE weekend. Lots of upsets this week, which means lots of movement in the rankings.

Power Rankings! Love 'em or hate 'em, they exist.
Power Rankings! Love ’em or hate ’em, they exist.

1. Denver Broncos (same): Peyton Manning continues to impress. It’s not like beating the Raiders is an impressive feat, but the Broncos don’t seem to be slowing down.

2. Seattle Seahawks (same): Another foregone conclusion of a victory. No one expected the Seahawks to fall to the Jags. Most other Power Rankings have Seattle at #1, but I don’t think they’ve earned it yet. They beat the Jags (big whoop), the Panthers (barely), and the Niners (who aren’t looking so hot). If they can convincingly stomp the Texans, maybe they move up. It will take a misstep from Denver to allow that, though.

3. New Orleans Saints (+2): The Saints are winning games on BOTH sides of the ball. Can you believe it? Drew Brees is doing what he does, sure, but the Saints defense has yet to allow more than 17 points in a game. How was this the worst defensive unit last year?

4. Cincinatti Bengals (+4): Defeating the Packers puts Cincy on a whole new level. That defense gave Aaron Rodgers (THE Aaron Rodgers) serious problems late in that game. Denying Rodgers a comeback win is hard to do.

5. Chicago Bears (+2): Three different parts of this Bears team are having phenomenal seasons: Jay Cutler, Matt Forte, and the defense. The whole NFC North will be very fun to watch this year.

6. Green Bay Packers (-3): Sure, the Packers are 1-2, but you don’t expect that to last, do you? Both losses came against quality teams (although the Niners are starting to appear questionable). The biggest concern is defense, but with Rodgers at the wheel there’s always a chance for the Packers to succeed.

7. Kansas City Chiefs (+6): Other sites aren’t giving the Chiefs the respect they deserve. I think this is really a team to watch, and Andy Reid seems reborn in Chiefs red. Don’t expect them to fall for the apparent trap game against the Giants.

8. New England Patriots (+1): I’m still not convinced that the Patriots are back to dominance just because they managed to squash the Bucs. This week against the Falcons they get their first test against an elite-level QB. We’ll see what happens there.

9. Baltimore Ravens (+3): The Ravens deserve credit for bouncing back from being embarassed by the Broncos in Week 1. Their defense really came to play against Houston last week. The offense isn’t exactly terrifying (especially without Ray Rice), but it has enough teeth to keep them competetive. I would love to see them get upset this week though… Ahem.

10. Houston Texans (-4): This one wasn’t even close, but not in the way the Texans wanted it. That offense has so many weapons, but they don’t seem to know how to use them effectively. If they thought the Ravens defense was hard to penetrate, just wait till they see the Seahawks on Sunday.

11. San Francisco 49ers (-7): Is this too low? Suddenly I feel smart again, having predicted Kaepernick would have a down year before the season started. Not even the defense has seemed effective over the last couple weeks, and they’re losing players (cough… Aldon Smith… cough). They haven’t managed a win over the Rams since 2011. Do they get the monkey off their back this week?

12. Miami Dolphins (+2): I’m still not ready to crown the Dolphins as a top ten team, though I was FLOORED to find out they beat the Falcons. At least we really get to see what they’re made of this week against the Saints on Monday night.

13: Atlanta Falcons (-3): Roddy White is pissing me off… mainly because he’s on my fantasy team. Still, it looks like no one is buying his decoy routine anymore. Teams know he can’t cut with that high ankle sprain, leaving defenses free to double-cover Julio Jones. They need to silence any doubts against the Patriots this week.

14. Indianapolis Colts (+1): Wow, people are quick to forget the first two weeks of the season! Not I, however. As impressive as the Colts thumping of the 49ers was, don’t forget they barely beat the Raiders and lost to the Dolphins (who I’m still not sold on). They get a softball game against the Jags this week… which I will give them little credit for winning.

15. Detroit Lions (+4): Suddenly the Lions seem legit again. Joique Bell is finally coming in to his own, and just in time. If the Lions can spend an ample amount of the year with Reggie Bush, Bell, and Megatron on the field, the Lions could do well. They could prove their relevance in a big divisional matchup against the Bears.

16. San Diego Chargers (-5): You don’t convince anyone you’re a good team by losing to the Titans. I still think this team is decent, though,¬†and they’re catching the Cowboys at the right time (right after a win).

17. Carolina Panthers (+7): What a way to go into the Bye! That shutout of the Giants will make the Panthers feel good after a tough first two weeks of losing close games.

18. Tennessee Titans (+8): You probably heard that the Chiefs haven’t committed a turnover on offense yet. You know what other team shares the same trait? The Titans. Take care of the football and good things happen. Let’s hope they keep it up against the Jets.

19. Dallas Cowboys (+2): Again, I just can’t get too high on the Cowboys until they manage some consistency. Sure, they handled the Rams, but now they’re due to flop against the Chargers. Can they break the cycle?

20. New York Jets (+8): This hurts me… but they are 2-1 and they beat us. I can’t give them TOO much credit, as they clearly have NO discipline. Still, Geno was the better QB on Sunday. I’m not saying he is the better QB. Time will tell on that account.

21. Buffalo Bills (-5): How do we lose against a team that was SO heavily penalized? Oh right… injuries. That was by far the WORST part of that Sunday. I can take a loss, but losing valuable players has a big effect on the rest of our season. Hopefully we can overcome, and get some of our guys back. Let’s shock the Ravens, for starters.

22. Philadelphia Eagles (-2): Speed is great, but execution matters. Only one QB was less accurate than our E.J. Manuel this week… and that was Michael Vick. We’ll see how Chip Kelly adjusts against their next opponent. Who would that be? Oh. The Broncos. Good luck.

23. St. Louis Rams (-6): Aaaand the Rams are back to shooting themselves in the foot. Sam Bradford is actually having a great year, but his young receivers are hanging him out to dry. LOTS of dropped balls on sunday. It won’t get easier on Thursday against the Niners.

24. Arizona Cardinals (-6): They were handily squashed by the Saints, but it appears the Saints have a pretty stout defense. Carson Palmer needs to learn what prior Arizona QBs have known: Throw to Larry Fitzgerald early and often. The Cardinals get to take on the flailing Bucs this week, so they might get to pad their wins a bit.

25. Cleveland Browns (+6): I mean, they beat the Vikings. Not a big deal. Still, they did so with their backup QB, right after trading away their star RB. Something tells me Brandon Weeden won’t be getting his job back after he’s healthy.

26. Oakland Raiders (+3): I’m giving the Raiders some credit for showing some toughness through their two losses. Terrelle Pryor appears to be a legitimate weapon, despite long-term durability questions. They actually seem like they have a shot against the Redskins this week. Who would’ve said that a month ago?

27. Washington Redskins (-5): Speaking of which, this team is a mess. They can’t stop ANYBODY. RG3 isn’t exactly impressing right now either. He didn’t throw for a single TD in the loss against the Lions.

28. New York Giants (-5): What a fall from grace. I figured their troubles last year were temproary, but this is quickly looking like one of the worst teams in the league… and THE worst defense. Perry Fewell… what happened to you?

29. Pittsburgh Steelers (-2): This team can’t run the ball to save its life, and they’re acting like getting untested rookie Le’Veon Bell healthy is the same as getting your star RB back in the lineup. It seems like all their hopes are resting on Bell being great from the start. Not a good place to be.

30. Minnesota Vikings (-5): Taking on the Steelers this week is a Vikings team that looks far removed from last year’s playoff run. SOMEONE has to win that game.

31. Tampa Bay Bucanneers (-1): I might have kept Tampa where they were… but then they benched Josh Freeman. Let’s welcome another rookie starting QB to the league as Mike Glennon gets to lead his team against the Cardinals! Patrick Peterson is likely drooling at the idea.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (same): Can they just move to London now and get it over with?

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