Bills fall to bottom of AFC East with loss to Jets

I write this one with a heavy heart.

(Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images)
(Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images)

The Buffalo Bills traveled to New Jersey filled with optimism before falling to the Geno Smith-led New York Jets. The Baltimore Ravens are coming to Buffalo and the Bills better steady the ship if they hope to compete.

Looking Back

The New York Jets tried to give this game to the Bills, committing 20 penalties totaling 168 yards. Yes, the team that committed 20 penalties actually won this game. This is a statement as to how far this Bills team needs to go to get to where they want to be. Not only have they proven that they are just not good enough to overcome mistakes, but they are also not good enough to capitalize on the mistakes of others.

The Bills secondary was beat badly by a rookie QB who had struggled up to this game. The Jets rushing offense was reminiscent of the ground and pound teams that the Jets fielded in the past. Bilal Powell ran 27 times for 149 yards. Bilal Powell ran 27 times for 149 yards. Let that sink in. Bilal Powell actually ran 27 times for 149 yards.

There is no need to focus on this game any further. One thing became clear. This is a new staff, a new team and a new QB, patience is needed by all Bills fans at this stage. It does not turn around overnight. There are holes on this team and they were exposed by a below average team. Prepare for a long season, maybe 2, before the turnaround can be complete.

Looking Ahead

The Baltimore Ravens come to Ralph Wilson stadium to take on the Buffalo Bills. This will not end well. I do not mean for this to be such a negative piece but that’s realism settling in. The Bills only have one shot of winning this game and that’s you, Bills Mafia. Unfortunately, this young team and staff is not where we want them to be yet and they will not beat a superior team, even at home.

The Bills secondary is in such disarray that Joe Flacco is salivating while watching tape this week. The management of this team is too stubborn to notice the glaring weakness and refuse to make any moves in an attempt to fix it… and Flacco will be the beneficiary this week.

The Bills defense still has Pettine at the helm and that may be the only way they can cover up for extremely inadequate talent in the secondary. The pass rush has done a nice job so far this season but the challenge will get tougher with WRs running wide open down the field.

On offense, the Bills go as EJ Manuel goes. That will be a roller coaster all season as past rookie QBs have shown us. Even the great ones, and I think Manuel will be one, struggle often as rookies. CJ Spiller needs to get his head right and the Bills need to continue to use Fred Jackson as much as possible until he does.

If these Bills are to make any kind of a run this year, their “leaders” need to step up big time. This game is make or break for this season. Are the 2013 Bills a team on the rise, or just another team fielded by the organization that is not good enough to sniff the playoffs?


To be a good team you must beat a good team. Unfortunately, even at home, the Bills are not a good team yet.

Ravens 31, Bills 20

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