Behind Enemy Lines: Bills Fan Paul Frazier

After Sunday’s loss, being a Bills fan in New England certainly hasn’t gotten any easier!


Someone who knows my pain all too well is Paul Frazier. Paul lives in Miami Dolphin territory and is a huge Bills fan. Once you see the pictures of his truck and his wife’s SUV… you’ll see why he gets flipped off more than my Grandma who drives 40 miles per hour under the speed limit on the highway!

Paul, who’s a Rhode Island native, was kind enough to share his story of why he ditched the Patriots and became a Bills fan.

Jen: How long have you been a Buffalo Bills fan?
Paul: I was brought up as a Patriots fan but broke my ties with them in 1983 when I started to watch more football and understand the rules. I was, and still am, drawn to the charging Buffalo logo. Since joining the military in 1994 I have flown the Bills flag in:

– Augusta, GA
– Seoul, South Korea
– Waynesboro, Pennsylvania
– Taegu, South Korea
– Hollywood, Florida


Jen: Tell me about what you’ve done to your truck and your wife’s SUV to show your Buffalo love?
Paul: My wife and I used to display the charging buffalo or helmet magnets on our vehicles but, after having to replace them several times a month due to them being stolen or vandalized, we decided to make it more difficult for people. I found these decals on in 2008 and no one has bothered either vehicle since.

Jen: Being in Miami territory do you ever get nasty looks or are the folks down there pretty cool about an avid Bills fan living among them?
Paul: My family and I always get dirty looks or gestures by “over the edge” fans here but the majority of people actually don’t mind and compliment me on the support I show for my team no matter their record.

Jen: Through your travels have you met any fellow Bills fans that noticed your truck and stopped you?
Paul: We run into Bills fans or friends of Bills fans all the time that have asked if they can take pictures of the truck. Mostly we catch people in traffic taking pictures and giving us the thumbs up. This year we have noticed “Bills fans in hiding” seem to be coming out as we are now seeing more and more when we go to the stores or traveling.

Be sure to send Paul a tweet @Bills_Fan_4Life thanking him for proudly representing the Buffalo Bills and the #BillsMafia in Florida!

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