Welcome to Opening Day

Opening day in Orchard Park, New York.

Always a perfect setting to kick off another season of Buffalo Bills football.

The weather that ends summer and welcomes football season is always beautiful. The atmosphere in the stadium is like none other. 70,000 fans come together in the hope of seeing their team play in January. This year is truly a new beginning. It is a new era of Buffalo Bills football.

For all fans of the Buffalo Bills, the 2013 season is very difficult to predict. With so many new pieces in place at One Bills Drive, how can anyone know which direction this season will take? If you listen to the national media, the Bills are already being written off as a cellar dweller. The Bills are nothing but a young team that is rebuilding, and basically a walk over every team on its schedule. Most national media are predicting 3-4 wins for this club. They are predicting the Bills will have no chance at all contending for a divisional title, or even a wild card birth.

Locally, the team is given a good chance to succeed. The talent upgrades are noticed by true fans of the team, but has enough been done to bring the team to a status of playoff contender? Will new coordinators and schemes both on Offense and on Defense be enough to take advantage of the talent that was already in place on this roster?

The general consensus of #BillsMafia bloggers is that the Buffalo Bills will be a .500 club this year, with a solid foundation for building a playoff run over the next two years. Some even believe that a hot start may even propel this club into a playoff run this year. Here is a scenario where a playoff run may be possible:

After a heart breaker home opening loss against the Patriots, the Bills win big at home the following week against Carolina. The following Sunday, the Bills beat a struggling Jets team, and come home against the defending Super Bowl Champs Baltimore Ravens. In my opinion, the home opener and the Ravens game are two huge swing games. Even with a 2-2 to start the season, the Bills may still be able to make a run at a playoff birth. If the Bills can beat Cleveland (away), Cincinnati (home), KC (home), Pitt (away), NYJ (home), Jacksonville (away), and Miami (home), they would go to New England to end the season with a 9-6 record. A win in Pittsburgh may be extremely difficult, but it may be possible with a decline in talent on the Steeler’s roster. At the very least, I expect this team to be 8-8 to end the season. If the Bills can steal a home victory against either New England, Baltimore, or Atlanta (in Toronto), then things may get very interesting come December.

Below, please find the predictions of some of the bloggers here at BillsMafia.com. As you can see, we all have hope and optimism to start the 2013 season. In any sport, it will take the team coming together and believing in itself to succeed. I certainly hope that that belief starts in the stands of Ralph Wilson Stadium this coming Sunday.

The #BillsMafia fan base needs to be inside the bowl early. The crowd needs to be as loud as it’s ever been. We need to Billieve, and hopefully that positive energy transfers into success on the field. Let’s make the Ralph the hardest stadium to play in for opposing teams, just like it was back in the glory days of the 1990’s. With a full house and an awesome 12th man, anything is possible in the NFL.

2013 #BillsMafia Predictions

#BillsMafia Blogger Twitter Bills Record Guaranteed Victory Dark Horse
Chris Brown @cbreezy2411 8-8 Week #5 – CLE Week #10 – PITT
Stephen Brown @steve1974b 9-7 Week #15 – JAX Week #3-11 – NYJ
Jason DeHart @jaytdehart 9-7 Week #15 – JAX Week #10 – PITT
Amir Gulati @AmirGulati 7-9   Week #6 -CIN
Dustin Haefele @D_Haef 9-7 Week #15 – JAX Week #8 – NO
Breyon Harris @bre_88 9-7 Week #5 – CLE Week #10 – PITT
Jason Mack @jaymaj13 9-7 Week #15 – MIA Week #1 – NE
Anthony Marino @AnthMarino 7-9 Week #3 – NYJ Week #4 – BALT
Nick Marzak @Bu4LoSoldier20 11-5 Week #15 – JAX Week #4 – BALT
Ashley Petty @billsmafia_babe 10-6 Week #15 – JAX Week #13 – ATL
Del Reid @mrdeadlier 8-8 Week #5 –CLE Week #1 – NE
Zachary Specht @zacharyspecht 7-9 Week #15 – JAX Week #8 – NO

About Jason Mack

Jason is a full time Electrical estimator / project manager living in Lakeview, NY. He is an alumnus of the University at Buffalo, the University of San Diego, and Hutchinson Central Technical High School in Buffalo, As a lifelong Bills fan, Jason is proud to be a member of the #BillsMafia Family.

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  1. forecast for opening day
    Sunday September 8th:

    70 degrees and partly cloudy

    …Does not get any better