Manuel Down: Is There A Silver Lining?

They say that there is a silver lining behind every cloud, but it’s hard to see for Bills fans with their number one pick, EJ Manuel, undergoing minor knee surgery Sunday morning. This whole thing wouldn’t be nearly as big of a deal if he was a proven veteran franchise quarterback, but for a rookie missing the third preseason game this is a big loss.

(Photo by USA Today)
(Photo by USA Today)

The third preseason game is the first game of the year, and in this case the first game of Manuel’s NFL career, where they game plan for the opponent, and get much needed experience with the starting offense. For Manuel, it could have been a big chance to set himself apart and take the starting role, but now he will be sitting on the sidelines watching Kolb lead the offense.

For Manuel there isn’t much of silver lining being the competitor that he is, but for the Bills as a whole there may just be a dim light shining behind the clouds. That light comes in the form of a better evaluation of Kevin Kolb. The reps that Manuel got when Kolb was injured were very valuable for the young quarterback. So much so that you would be hard pressed to find many people who still think that Kolb should start week one. The problem is that this perception is based more on emotion than reality.

I’m not saying that Kolb is the better man for the job, but at this time I refuse to say that he’s not either. This start in game three for Kolb gives him the chance to drive himself into the lead for the starting job, or concrete himself as a place holder for when Manuel returns to health. Either way, Bills fans should be happy with the outcome.

Bills fans shouldn’t cheer for one quarterback over the other, rather we should just hope and pray that this new coaching staff makes the right decision as to who gives us the best chance to win. I can’t tell you which quarterback that is, but I can tell you this: if February rolls around and the Bills are suiting up for a cold game in New Jersey none of us will care which quarterback holds the Lombardi trophy above his head all we’ll care about is that he has that beautiful charging buffalo on the side of his helmet!

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  1. As a Bills fan in Arizona I have had the chance to watch Kolb out here in AZ. He was horrible playing for the cardinals but to be fair the o line in AZ was horrendous the past two seasons as well as no running game . I am hoping for the best as the Bills have a better oline and of course Mr Spiller and FreddyJackson. I am hoping that with the improved conditions Kolb can make a billieverout of this fan, but I am not giving my hopes up.