Ten thoughts on preseason game #2

Just remember, it is only preseason…

1.) The Bills came out for warm-ups with an energy that has been missing for years. The entire pregame had a different feel. Whistles were blown during stretching, and the up-tempo pace began as soon as the Bills hit the field.

2.) Kolb looked awful. Plain and simple. He missed open receivers. He left receivers open for big hits. He had happy feet in the pocket. He settled in during the second quarter making a few nice throws, but it became obvious who the starter will be opening day.

The defense is for real. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)
The defense is for real. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

3.) The defense is for real. Even with starters sitting on the bench, the defense put pressure on the Vikings all game. Yes, the Bills will get beat occasionally with their attack style, but it is so much better then getting beat by sitting back.

4.) For all those fans complaining about a lake of a deep passing threat, please remember it is PRESEASON. Why show all your weapons now?

5.) As predicted, the kickoff return team did not touch the ball on Friday night. The Vikings kicked every kick away from them and many went out of the endzone. We might have to get used to seeing that. Robert Woods looked good in returning punts adding another weapon on special teams.

6.) EJ looked good. Really good. Poise. Composure. Making the right reads and throws. He lead the Bills to their only offensive touchdown of the night in the 3rd quarter. Even when he was unable to move the ball he avoided the big mistake and showed calmness from his own endzone.

7.) Coach Marrone and the entire staff bring an entirely new attitude to the sidelines. Watching the team be involved and excited should excite every fan.

8.) Eric Wood is really maturing at center. He has become the team leader on offense and reminded me a lot of the late Kent Hull Friday. He leads yet is a stable and calm at the same time. This kid could be a pro bowl candidate this year.

9.) The Bills should be very excited about how the defensive front look great. 99 and 95 look great up the middle, and with the new found speed rush from the edges they both should free up for more pressures this year.

10.) Just win baby. Just win. Even with a horrible first half from the quarterback, the Bills found a way to be winning. That is a great sign, especially if that can continue into the regular season. Good teams pick each other up in all three phases of the game, and this Bills team looks really good at doing that.

Let the excitement grow. September 8th is coming up fast.

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