Ten Thoughts on the Buffalo Bills Preseason Opener

(AP Photo/Michael Conroy)
(AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

1. The Bills won. The Bills put up 40+ points in the win. Preseason or not, the point total should stand out and make the NFL take notice. Last year, the offense struggled to score a touchdown during preseason. Take the win with a grain a salt, but the win should have all fans opening their eyes.

2. EJ Manuel is the real deal. Yes, he missed some throws. Yes, he needs to hit receivers in stride a little better. But he looked under control and ready to play in the NFL. He looked no worse than Ryan Fitzpatrick did all last year. He throws the ball with ease. The 2 minute drill was a thing of beauty. I was left wondering what will happen when the read option is implemented week #1.

3. Speaking of the 2 minute drill, local reporters were quick to point out the final drive of the first half was against the Colts 2nd and 3rd string defense. Really guys?!?! The Bills were missing Stevie Johnson and Scott Chandler all game. For the 2 minute drill, CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson were on the bench. You want your offense succeeding no matter who they play against. A touchdown is a touchdown in this league. The rookie did a great job.

4. C.J. is the real deal.

5. As a casual football fan, I was afraid my theory on defense was wrong last year. Sunday, I was vindicated. The Bills actually blitzed, and blitzed often. They even blitzed on 3rd downs. And you know what… It worked!

6. Seeing the defense hit hard was an added bonus. They were flying.

7. Speed. I am speed. That is the Bills new slogan.

8. Special teams need to take a breather and play it coy the next few weeks. If they don’t, they will not touch one ball all season.

9. Kiko Alonso looked great in the middle. Yes, he missed a few coverages, but he looks to be the middle linebacker this team has been in need of for years.

10. Three more meaningless games to go. Now to just stay healthy.

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