The Preview of the Fantasy Football Preview

Nothing quite passes the time as we wait for the start of real football like talking about “fake” football. No, we aren’t talking about preseason games, but our preparation for the thousands of upcoming fantasy football drafts that will take place across the country over the next 6 weeks. You can consider this a preview of the preview, as a series of articles will be posted in the coming weeks evaluating the Buffalo Bills top targets in fantasy.

This series will evaluate the talent of the Bills related to fantasy, and will also provide tips and suggestions on where to select your favorite players. Each year fans battle internally when it comes to drafting with your head versus your heart. It is never easy to separate your real team from your “fake” one, so we will address a number of issues.

“Should I take CJ ahead of Jamaal Charles and Trent Richardson?”

“Is it too early to take Stevie Johnson?”

“Will the Bills D finally play to their potential under a new coordinator?”

“Is Scott Chandler a starting caliber tight end?”

All of these questions, and others, will be addressed as part of the draft preview. In addition I will take a look at some other players from across the AFC East that are tough for Bills fans to own. For example, I have one friend who refuses to draft any New England Patriots. While I respect his loyalty, does this strategy make sense in the world of fantasy football? The series will look at questions like this and others in time for the draft.

In addition, there will be a weekly preview analyzing the Bills match-up from a fantasy perspective. This will help in evaluating your line-ups each week, so you don’t overvalue your Bills when naming your starters. Sometimes our allegiances can get in the way of making the right decision when it comes to our line-ups, so we will look at each match-up throughout the season.

If you have fantasy questions feel free to send them to or @anthmarino on Twitter.