Breaking Down the Best Plays of the Buffalo Bills 2012 Season: Week Six

(Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)
(Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)

The Buffalo Bills 2012 season was rough to endure as a fan, but there were still many memorable moments. With over a month until training camp begins, we decided to go back and review the best play the Bills made in every game last year.

Yeah, that’s right. Week 5 vs the 49ers was so bad, Rob’s just gonna go ahead and jump right into week 6. Can you blame him?

Entering Week 6, the Buffalo Bills were coming off of a devastating defeat to the San Francisco 49ers in which they surrendered over 50 points. The team opted to stay on the west coast for the week in order to prepare for another road game against Kevin Kolb and the Arizona Cardinals.

The game was close throughout its entirety and in the fourth quarter, the Cardinals were trailing 16-13 and had possession of the ball.

formation 1

The Cardinals lined up in “21” personnel, an offensive formation that features two running backs, one tight end and two wide receivers.

Jairus Byrd is positioned in the Bills’ secondary, playing in his typical deep free safety position.


As Kevin Kolb takes the snap, the Bills rush four defensive linemen and the back seven players drop into coverage, as wide receivers Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Roberts, as well as tight end Jeff Kind, release off the line of scrimmage.

King chips Mario Williams as he fakes to the right and turns inside, where he is now matched up against rookie strong side linebacker Nigel Bradham.

Bradham stays positioned in zone coverage, essentially blowing his assignment and giving King a spacious area of ground to maneuver himself.


Byrd instinctively reads Kolb’s eyes and sees that he’s staring down King. He jumps the route as Kolb is readying himself for release, and collides into King before intercepting the pass.

pick 3

The interception gives the Bills the ball with very little time left on the clock, and the interception ends the Bills’ three game skid.

Stay tuned for the Buffalo Bills’ Best Plays Of 2012 when we continue on to Week Seven against the Tennessee Titans!

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