Buffalo Bills’ Best Plays Of 2012: Week 4

(Photo by Timothy T. Ludwig, US Presswire)
(Photo by Timothy T. Ludwig, US Presswire)

The Buffalo Bills 2012 season was rough to endure as a fan, but there were still many memorable moments. With over a month until training camp begins, we decided to go back and review the best play the Bills made in every game last year.

Coming off of two consecutive victories and riding with a 2-1 record, the Buffalo Bills looked to win their third game at home against the New England Patriots. What started as a great game for the Bills, quickly turned into a demoralizing 52-28 beat-down.

However, the game was exciting, offensively, as Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for 350 yards, including two to tight end Scott Chandler.

Week Four: Ryan Fitzpatrick connects with Scott Chandler for a 24-yard touchdown.


Here, the Bills are coming out in a one-back shotgun formation with “trips,” or a three-wide receiver bunch set to the right. Scott Chandler is split out wide, with strong safety Patrick Chung playing deep.

The Patriots are in a nickel defense, with four men on the line of scrimmage, two linebackers, three cornerbacks and two safeties.


Following the snap, Chandler releases off the line of scrimmage as the Patriots drop into zone coverage. Ryan Fitzpatrick executes a perfect pump fake, causing Patriots cornerback Devin McCourty to stay honest against the would-be screen pass to T.J. Graham.

With McCourty already in a set technique, Chandler fakes a block and cuts upfield.


Once Chandler beats McCourty, he turns upfield and towards the endzone, where he uses his 6’7” 260 pound frame to out-muscle the 5’11” 210 pound Chung.


Fitzpatrick throws a jump ball in the endzone, and Chandler adjusts his body while staying focused on the ball and comes down with it easily.


Ryan Fitzpatrick is happy.

Stay tuned for the next edition of “Breaking Down The 2012 Bills’ Best Plays” when we break down week five against the San Francisco 49ers!