Breaking Down the Best Plays of the Buffalo Bills 2012 Season: Week Two

(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

The Buffalo Bills 2012 season was rough to endure as a fan, but there were still many memorable moments. With over a month until training camp begins, we decided to go back and review the best play the Bills made in every game last year.

Week Two: Stevie Johnson 49-yard Touchdown Vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Following the Week One collapse against the New York Jets, the Bills came out strong against the Kansas City Chiefs, winning 35-17.

Up 21-3 in the third quarter, Ryan Fitzpatrick hit Stevie Johnson for a 49-yard touchdown to break open the game.

How did it happen? Let’s go to NFL Gamepass’ All-22 coaches film to break it down.


Here, the Bills are lined up in Chan Gailey’s favorite formation; shotgun with four wide receivers and a tight end split out wide. Stevie Johnson is lined up at the “Z” or “Flanker” position at the top of the screen.


Following the snap, Kansas City’s defensive backs drop into zone coverage, allowing Johnson to run an “in” route without any defenders covering him.


Fitzpatrick throws a quick strike and allows Johnson to utilize his run-after-catch ability. As you can see, Johnson has a clear path ahead of him.


After picking up roughly 20 yards, Stevie has to make two defenders miss; the “Mike” linebacker, who is already trailing him, and strong safety Abram Elam. As you can see, Elam makes an attempt at a tackle, but Johnson is already at full speed and Elam comes up short.


After beating Elam, the Chiefs’ last line of defense, Johnson has a clear path to the end zone, putting the Bills up 28-3 en route to their first victory of the 2013 season.

Stay tuned to see which play was deemed worthy as best of the Bills’ Week Three matchup against the Cleveland Browns!