Doug Whaley Era: Most Intriguing Offseason Change So Far?

Since Russ Brandon was given full control over all aspects of managing the Buffalo Bills, he promised a commitment to moving full speed ahead with a new vision for the franchise. He wasn’t kidding!

When have the Bills ever moved into an off season that hit the ground running this fast? A complete set of new coaches within weeks after the end of the latest horror show season from Hades? Wow. Color me impressed.

New Bills GM Doug Whaley (Photo lifted from <a href=""></a>)
New Bills GM Doug Whaley (Photo lifted from

However, in the midst of this efficient rebuilding of the foundational structure of this franchise, Doug Whaley has been slowly brought along for what could become a lasting legacy in Bills history. Of all the transformational moves that have occurred during this offseason, the passing of this torch is of particular interest to me.

The role of GM is a highly variable one across the league. Some teams have their owners as GMs (even though someone else may have the title in name only). Other teams have coaches who are also GMs, though that seems to be on the wane. It’s a huge undertaking to try and fill the role of both, and in my opinion it often comes at the expense of not realizing their potential in either role.

So enter the new era of Doug Whaley. If you think you have a real feel for what this man is all about from watching interviews or reading about what he is saying and doing, good luck. What you saw with Buddy Nix is exactly what you got. He put his authentic self right out there for everyone to see.

Doug Whaley appears to be a man who prefers a less transparent approach. I find myself always wondering what he’s really like behind closed doors. His soft spoken approach can’t hide his cerebral responses to questions. This man is a measured thinker.

I’m looking forward to seeing him do more interviews. Now that the bright lights will be shining upon him, will he emerge from the mystical place he’s been ripening for the last few years? Only time will tell.

It’s been since the Tom Donahoe era that I’ve been truly as intrigued by what to expect from the GM of the Bills. Marv Levy, bless his heart was obviously doing the job more as a stabilizing force until the Bills could find a guy who could help them right the ship. I’m comfortable they found that man in Buddy Nix.

Doug Whaley? Probably the most intriguing move in the transformation of this team in terms of watching how it all unfolds. I love a good puzzle, and figuring out what makes this man tick will be very interesting to follow. As Tom Donahoe used to say, “stay tuned.” I can’t wait to find out what Doug Whaley will develop as his mantra.

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