Exclusive Q&A with Bills RB Kendall Gaskins

Following the 2013 NFL draft, the Buffalo Bills signed Kendall Gaskins, a versatile running back out of Richmond as an undrafted free agent.

During his collegiate career, Gaskins, who has a big frame at 6’1″ and weighing 240 lbs, played both fullback and running back.

While C.J Spiller, Fred Jackson and Tashard Choice are currently on the roster, the Bills needed a bigger back that can move the chains in short yardage and goal-line situations.

Gaskins was kind enough to take the time to answer some questions for BillsMafia.com, so be sure to follow him on Twitter (@KGpolo_5)and wish him the best!

(Photo by Peter Casey-US PRESSWIRE)
(Photo by Peter Casey-US PRESSWIRE)

1. With the Bills’ previous head coach Chan Gailey, the Bills didn’t really utilize a fullback, but Coach Marrone does. Has he told you whether you’ll be strictly a fullback, or a little bit of running back as well?

Well as of right now, I believe I am on the roster as a running back but if I am asked to play fullback that is no problem. I played both in college and by having the ability to potentially play both positions, I can bring more value to the team.

2. You were extremely productive at Richmond, scoring 37 touchdowns and rushing for over 1,700 yards and were also used quite often as a receiver out of the backfield. How do you think your versatility will help you?

Versatility is key. By showing that I can not only run the ball, but block well and catch the ball out the backfield, I’ll be able to showcase my talent and value that I can bring to the Buffalo Bills.

3. What do you think is the most important attribute for a tailback to have?

I would have to say vision is the most important attribute. You can be the most physically gifted tailback, but if you cannot see the holes to make the proper cuts, then it will be very difficult to be a good back. I think this is one of the most overlooked attributes as a back.

4. In the NFL, most fullbacks make a living playing special teams. Do you feel like you can make an impact in that part of the game?

Yes, earlier in my career at Richmond I played lots of special teams when I was not the feature back, but my role was reduced when I became the starter.

I would always ask my coach to put me back on special teams but he never did. At the Texas vs The Nation All star game I played in, I was on every special teams unit and was pretty successful, making three tackles; therefore, I know I can be a productive player in that aspect of the game. In order to play special teams and be successful you have to posses a certain mentality, like a mad man.

5. You were a team captain at Richmond, so you obviously can command the respect of your teammates. How will you bring this leadership to the NFL as a rookie?

I’m a vocal and outgoing person off the field, but in terms of leading on the field, I am not a “rah rah” type of guy who does all the screaming and yelling.

I would rather just play and let that do the talking, more leading by example. But with that being said, when something needs to be said to the team or players I don’t have a problem doing so. I just prefer letting my play do all of the talking.

6. What was your favorite class in school, and why?

I am very interested in the way people interact and why they interact the way they do. Therefore, my favorite classes in college were sociology classes because we discussed things like that.

7. What are some hobbies you like to do when you’re away from football?

I really enjoy listening to music, and even though I don’t have any musical talent, it’s a big part of my life. I also enjoy just being around my friends and family much like anyone. I am a gamer too, so if anyone would like to challenge me in NBA 2K I’m up for it!

8. What’s your favorite song to listen to before a game to get you pumped up?

I don’t have one song that gets me going, but I have a playlist that I keep on shuffle that does the job.

9. The Bills’ new coaching staff has been preaching versatility and tempo since they took over. What are your first impressions of Coach Marrone and Coach Hackett?

I haven’t officially met them yet but I think those are two things that should be valued by coaches. The more players you have that can do numerous things at a high level while doing it fast is great for a team in any sport.

10. What can Bills fans expect to see out of you both as a person and a player?

I’m a very outgoing person that brings a lot of passion to whatever it is that I am doing, whether it is on or off the field. I am big on family, and I value the morals that my family has taught me throughout my life. On the field, I am going to be a one-cut physical runner. I’m a bigger back who can catch the ball out of the backfield, block well in pass-protection, and play special teams as well.

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  1. Congratulations on making the team bro. Looking forward to the season more than I am looking forward to this summer. Its going to be a big change in weather/climate than Virginia was, but I’m up for it and I hope you do excellent and succeed beyond expectations. #BillsMafia