EJ Manuel… the only QB that made sense for the Bills

Originally posted at YardsPerPass.com.

Photo lifted from <a href="http://www.athlonsports.com/tag/ej-manuel" target="_blank">AthlonSports.com</a>.
Photo lifted from AthlonSports.com.

All the pieces of the puzzle were there..

Rumors about the Bills offense were leaking out:

-No huddle, up-tempo
-Read Option
-Spread offense
-Down the field passes
-The extreme secrecy on what the Bills were going to do

There is only 1 QB in the draft that made sense when you think about it, and that is Manuel. Nobody picked up on it (me included) but looking back on things it all makes sense.

We are going to see the Bills run the full college hyper speed spread offense. If everyone knew this then they would have known that EJ would be the guy. Who knew that the “Chip Kelly” offense wouldn’t only be in Philly… but also 6 hours northwest in Buffalo.

Get ready for a huge year from CJ, he is the perfect spread option RB… now the Bills need that movable FB/TE player (I’m not sold on Dickerson).

Was he my favorite QB? Nope, but it doesn’t matter b/c none of the other guys can do athletically what Manuel can. The real question is throwing the ball. Either way, the Bills offense will be a lot more fun to watch this year. I just hope it doesn’t implode.

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