Getting To Know The Bills’ Newest WR Dorin Dickerson

When the Bills announced that there would be an entire new coaching staff in place, it was clear that there would be some changes regarding the player personnel on both offense and defense.

"I'm a WR now. :)" (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)
“I’m a WR now. :)” (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

However, TE/FB Dorin Dickerson, an Exclusive Rights Free Agent following the end of the 2012 season, was quickly tendered by the team, meaning that the staff thinks highly of the former Pittsburgh Panther standout.

He announced his return on Twitter, stating:

“So glad to be a Buffalo Bill another year!! #blessed #billsmafia

Coach Gailey’s staff couldn’t find a way to properly utilize Dickerson’s skill set last year, as he played just 102 snaps, but made the most of them, catching nine passes for 117 yards.

I had the opportunity to speak with Dorin about his time in Buffalo, what he offers to the team and what he likes to do in his spare time. Like every other Bills’ player, you need to be following him on Twitter! (@scorindorin)

After an extremely productive senior season with Pitt as a tight end catching 49 passes for 529 yards and 10 touchdowns, you bounced around in the NFL before finally finding a home with the Bills. What has your overall experience in Buffalo been like so far?

It has been really great. It’s really flexible and easier for my family to come visit, because Pittsburgh is only about an hour drive, so it’s been really good for me. All in all, it’s been good!

You’re listed as a fullback on the Bills’ depth chart, but you seem to have a lot of versatility to your game. What do you think is the biggest asset you bring to the Bills’ roster?

My biggest asset I bring to the team is my speed and my strength. I feel like I have the speed of a wide receiver with the strength of an offensive lineman, so it really helps my game when I go against defenders!

(Photo courtesy
(Photo courtesy

The role of the H-Back Tight End/Fullback hybrid has begun to slowly take over NFL offenses. Do you think you fit this mold, and how so? 

Absolutely. With my versatility it allows me to be able to play any position on the offense, other than quarterback or offensive line.

Have you met with Coach Marrone yet, and if so, what are your expectations for the Bills’ 2013 offense? 

I have, but can’t get into details. All I can say is I’m very, very excited to get the opportunity to compete in this new offense.

What are some non-football hobbies that you like to occupy yourself with when you have some down time?

I love watching or going to the movies, and I love to work out. Those are my top hobbies. Oh, and ALWAYS love hanging with my girlfriend!

If you had to pick one song to get you pumped up on gameday, what would it be?

Be Optimistic by Sounds Of Blackness. I listen to it every single day.

Following the interview with Dorin, he announced his jersey number would be changed from 42 to 82.

When I asked him about it, he replied: “Yup, I’m a WR now :)

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