2013 Draft Prospect Profile: Zac Dysert

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Zac Dysert: QB, Miami of Ohio (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Zac Dysert: QB, Miami of Ohio (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Zac Dysert
6’2” 224 lbs
Miami (Ohio)
@ZDysert4 (Unverified)

The Buffalo Bills are in the market for a new quarterback this offseason, but without a sure-fire prospect a la Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III, the team might be better off addressing the position in the middle rounds. A player that could interest the team as a developmental project is Zac Dysert, a senior out of Miami, Ohio. A four-year starter, Dysert accumulated 12,013 passing yards, while posting a 63.8 completion percentage. He tossed 73 touchdowns and 51 interceptions, while gaining 665 rushing yards and adding 12 touchdowns on the ground.

The Good

Dysert displays a strong arm and has four full years of experience in the Miami offense. He didn’t post mind-boggling statistics due to a poor supporting cast, but he showed that he has the tools necessary to succeed in the National Football League. Dysert is at his best when maneuvering in the pocket, and displays a strong arm.

Here, we see Dysert’s sheer arm strength as he rolls out of the pocket and fires a pass that travels 40+ yards in the air, hitting his target in stride.

Dysert played in an offensive scheme designed to get the ball out of his hands quickly, in order to make up for his poor offensive line. This required him to make reads at a fast pace, while he was often under pressure. Dysert isn’t a running quarterback, but he’s mobile and elusive in the pocket and will take what the defense gives him. He’s confident in the pocket and didn’t get rattled despite facing constant pressure. Here, we see just that, as the pocket collapses and he evades pressure, eventually firing a pass that goes for a first down.

Dysert effectively uses his eyes to manipulate safeties very well.

Dysert’s wide receivers were terrible and dropped countless passes, like the one we see here. Dysert makes the correct read and fires a pass for a would-be touchdown.

The Bad

Due to his poor supporting cast, Zac Dysert often tried to do too much, which led to too many interceptions. He attempted to fit passes into windows that weren’t available as games went on and had a tendency to sail passes, like this play against Boise State.

While he works the middle of the field very well, Dysert struggles to consistently hit receivers outside the numbers. Furthermore, Dysert far too often goes for the big play, rather than simply checking down to his running back or wideout in the flats. When he gets rattled, he can make bone-headed decisions.

How He Would Fit The Bills

While Dysert doesn’t look like he could come in and start right away for a team, he’s an intriguing player that’s fun to watch. He makes something out of nothing, and has a grittiness about him that will win over coaches. However, he’s a developmental project that definitely is against what the Bills are looking for.

Projected Draft Position

Third Round

Pro Player Comparison

Ben Roethlisberger, Tony Romo