2013 Draft Prospect Profile: Jarvis Jones

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Jarvis Jones: LB, Georgia (Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images)
Jarvis Jones: LB, Georgia (Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images)

Jarvis Jones
6’3” 232 lbs
Georgia Bulldogs
@SacManJones_29 (unverified)

Jarvis Jones is one of the most highly touted players in the 2013 NFL Draft. After he wasn’t cleared to play football at Southern California, due to spinal stenosis, Jones transferred to Georgia. He redshirted his 2010 season, before emerging as a starter in 2011, when he was an All-American selection. In his two seasons as a starter with the Bulldogs, Jones recorded 168 tackles, 45.5 of which came for a loss, and 28 sacks. He forced nine fumbles and generated 48 quarterback pressures.

The Good

Jarvis Jones has an excellent burst off the edge when rushing the passer from the linebacker position. He displays excellent tackling fundamentals, as he always wraps up ball-carriers, rather than looking for the big hit. His motor is second-to-none, and he never takes a play off. Jones demonstrates an exceptional spin-move when engaged with offensive lineman that often creates separation. He has great instincts and flows to the ball, displaying great fluidity with his footwork. He’s an exceptional pass-rusher and always finds a way to get himself into the backfield.

The Bad

To me, Jarvis Jones is exclusive to a 3-4 defensive front as a pass rushing outside linebacker. The 2011 and 2012 All-American rushes the passer better than anybody in the nation, but he’s terrible in pass coverage. His backpedal is below-average, and he doesn’t have the agility or athleticism to keep up with tight ends. He gives incredible effort against the run, but he’s often able to be pushed out of plays by blocking receivers and offensive linemen. His hand usage is extremely inconsistent. One play, he’ll display a great hand slap to offensive linemen, and the next he’ll get engulfed in a block. His limited size makes it difficult for him to shed blockers, which will be an even bigger issue at the next level. There have been a ton of comparisons to Denver Broncos’ linebacker Von Miller, but other than pass-rush skills, I don’t see it at all. He’s very small for the position in the National Football League. He’s too small to put his hand in the ground, which limits him to the linebacker position.

NFL Player Comparison

Bruce Irvin

Projected Draft Position

Top 20 Pick

Best Game/ Worst Game

Best: 2012 Vs. Missouri
Worst: 2012 Vs. Alabama

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