2013 Draft Prospect Profile: Khaseem Greene

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Khaseem Greene
6‘1“ 230 lbs
Rutgers Scarlet Knights
@Khas_Greene20 (unverified)

Khaseem Greene: LB, Rutgers (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Khaseem Greene: LB, Rutgers
(Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Khaseem Greene has played in 50 games during his collegiate career with the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. The converted safety is quite the athlete, as he’s racked up an astounding 386 tackles, 30.5 of which came for a loss, and got to opposing quarterbacks 11.5 times. Greene has forced 13 fumbles, recorded six interceptions, and has batted away nine passes. He fit’s the mold of the new-age outside linebacker in the ever-growing passing league.

The Good
Greene displays excellent ability when dropping into coverage, and has the combination of speed, athleticism, and size necessary to cover tight ends at the next level. He’s very instinctive against the run, and has a knack for dislodging the ball. In studying his tape vs. Syracuse, Greene forced three fumbles with his perfected “tomahawk chop.” He’s a big hitter and can change the momentum of games with each devastating blow he delivers. Greene is intriguing, and plays like a defensive back in a linebacker’s body.

The Bad
While Greene is an instinctive player, he’s inconsistent at times, and rarely shoots open gaps against the run; instead waiting for the ball carrier to reach his zone before making tackles. He can play with poor pad level at times, standing too upright, and it can notably affect his leverage when taking on blockers. He’s got a compact, 230 pound frame, but can be pushed around when fighting through trash.

How He Impacts the Bills
Greene would be a nice addition to the Buffalo Bills’ linebacker corps, and would play the “weakside” linebacker position currently handled by Nick Barnett. Greene fits the prototypical weakside ‘backer that more teams are looking towards, as he has the strength to play against the run, and the athleticism to stay on the field for pass downs. With Barnett aging, Greene would seamlessly transition into his role if he were to join the Buffalo Bills.

NFL Player Comparison
Geno Hayes/Nick Barnett

Projected Draft Position
Second Round

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