Bison Droppings: This Isn’t Your Mother’s Bills Team Anymore!

(Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

First of all, welcome back to reality after a long holiday season. Hope all of you enjoyed a bit of whatever floats your boat. This year I decided to clear out the old and bringing in the ‘new’ as far as my attitude regarding our Buffalo Bills.

With that in mind, and firmly believing that fecal material coming from a bison is about all my opinion is worth, I decided to hang out a new tagline, #Bison Droppings. Welcome to my slightly twisted #BillsMafia blog.

Like others, I’ve been conditioned about what to expect when the Bills inevitably fire a coach and bring in the next “savior.” Failure is what we have come to expect as Bills fans. We are a jaded, despairing, miserable fan base. We have been that way for a long time, with good reason.

Then it happened. Toward the end of this mind-boggling freak show of a football season, it was announced that there is a new long term contract in place to keep the Bills in WNY for at least seven more years. Just like that, snap… it’s done. Consider this one of the many things that make me go hmmmmmmmm.

Just when I started digesting that little unexpected bombshell, then Chan gets fired at the end of the season. Then Mr. Wilson steps down from football operations. A picture of what transitioning to new ownership might look like begins to emerge with more clarity.

Bada-Bing we now have Marrone for a Head Coach. Meanwhile, by the time he does his first press conference, half of Bills Nation will have vilified his selection, and the other half will praise it. In the midst of all this flurry of activity, many Bills fans are missing the forest for the trees.

This monumental seismic shift of energy that happened at OBD was felt all the way to Wyoming when it happened. That sound I heard was the opening of the purse strings to set the franchise free to move on to the next era in NFL football.

This era began with a rabid search to scoop the right guy as head coach. Have to admit feeling a little sorry for Browns fans when Chip Kelly put the screws to them. As Bills fans, we know getting screwed around with feels like only too well. So the Bills snag Marrone, and now the fan base has become virtually psychotic in their response to the guy. This is what 15 years of trauma will do to a fan base. It was nice to see Russ Brandon acknowledge our long period of suffering as fans.

So I just decided the best Bison Dropping I can deposit here today is to puke out some kumbaya and take a deep breath. Let’s wait and see how this shakes out before jumping off Niagara Falls. As far as the head coaching hire, I didn’t know much about Marrone until I was pointed in his direction and did a little research.

Since my perspective is often based upon the observations I make while watching an individual and how they behave, you can expect me to watch this guy like a hawk. I turned out to be right about Chan Gailey in only one of two criteria.

Chan Gailey is an outstanding human being who tried his best. That part I got right. The problem is that his best was not good enough at his job. That’s where I was wrong about his ability to succeed as head coach of the Bills.

I can hardly wait to dissect Marrone’s press conference when he is announced as the next head coach of the Bills at noon ET today. This man better be the vein-popping animal as advertised. His choice of coordinators is critical for his chances of success.

"This is not your mother’s Buffalo Bills anymore."
“This is not your mother’s Buffalo Bills anymore.”

In the meantime, don’t dismiss the effect of an unshackled Russ Brandon on the future of this franchise. I see nothing wrong with “regionalization”, as long as it includes snagging the best candidate for the job. Time will tell if Russ’ gamble will pay off or not, but I’m ready to roll with it.

It’s not a sin to want the Buffalo Bills to make money. If you want to have a successful NFL franchise, you do have to compete with the best of the best. That is the transition in front office leadership that will secure this team’s future in WNY. That is not anything to scoff at because it is how the team will be able to survive in an upstate New York market.

This team is no longer operating with anything close to resembling the same philosophy as we have seen for more than 50 years. It’s time to embrace this change and move forward and let go of the past. Stop fearing that we are destined to fail!

Remember Vincent Gallo’s mother in the movie Buffalo 66? This is not your mother’s Buffalo Bills anymore. Who’s team it becomes as we move forward remains to be seen. Dare yourself to be optimistic. I dare you.

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2 Replies to “Bison Droppings: This Isn’t Your Mother’s Bills Team Anymore!”

  1. good blog man, thats how i feel about it. i followed him pretty close at cuse and thought last year he would be a good candidate to replace gailey if he failed…which he did…hes a forward thinker, runs a quick paced offense, and demands discipline. anyone that doens’t like him doesn’t know a thing about him, and thats what they don’t like. they are about to learn a whole lot.

  2. There are other great signs about Syracuse’s fast-paced offense aside from the obvious fact it led to high yardage and point totals. For one, Marrone had the guts to install it right before the season because he thought the potential benefits outweighed the disruption. Most importantly, he made an adjustment based on what he thought would work. It’s evidence that Marrone isn’t a stubborn system guy but rather someone who adapts to his players’ strengths. That alone should provide relief to those who couldn’t wait for Chan’s canning.

    Marrone’s tenure also offers testament to how good a .500 record can be. SU has been playing football since the 1880s, and he became coach after the worst four-year stretch in program history. He didn’t whine about what he inherited; in fact, Marrone kicked off a bunch of players at a time the program was aching for talent because he preferred having the players with the right attitude. The university has two Pinstripe Bowl trophies as evidence football is headed in the right direction.

    This year’s Orange edition also improved after a slow start. Highlights included big victories over Louisville and West Virginia as well as remarkable last-second road wins against Missouri and South Florida. As for the latter, imagine those close Bills games this season only with a coach who guided the team through the end instead of seemingly doing what he could to screw it up. If Buffalo’s fans have forgotten, such coaches do in fact exist.

    It hasn’t been a perfect tenure, as SU has had occasional problems with aspects such as proper tackling and special teams. But every coach is going to come with a downside, and Marrone’s sense of both enthusiastic leadership and football’s tactics make this an interestingly, excitingly bold choice. Overall, he got good results by initiating a new culture, which is reason for positivity despite countless false starts by this franchise.

    The only reason I feel sad about Marrone joining the Bills is that I follow Syracuse, too. But this is a promising move for both coach and franchise. Even we Billy Browns are hopeful…