Sense of Urgency at OBD

Watching Russ Brandon speak in the press conference on the 1st of January and hearing what he had to say really made me feel good about the future of the franchise. However, I want to know where the sense of urgency is coming from.

(Photo by Kevin Hoffman, USA TODAY Sports)
(Photo by Kevin Hoffman, USA TODAY Sports)

There was no sense of urgency in 2009 when we were 10 years removed from playoff contention. The answer back then was to hire Buddy Nix and his answer was to hire Chan Gailey, a very innovative, offensive minded, but CONSERVATIVE coach in 2010. Dick Jauron and Mike Mularkey were also very conservative coaches. This makes me believe that Ralph Wilson had a lot to do with these hirings. I’ve always seen Ralph as a conservative individual.

When Ralph “passed the torch” to Russ Brandon, I wonder if he was conceding that he had made some bad decisions at head coach and was relieving himself of this responsibility. I think this is why there is now a sense of urgency.

Russ Brandon is calling the shots and I believe he has a different mindset than Ralph. He said it himself when he said he is rarely satisfied. The sense of urgency is here because there is a new sheriff in town and he will not be satisfied until the Bills are a winning organization.

Now with Russ taking full control, I can only hope that he brings in a coach who is willing to take some chances and will motivate the players to go out everyday and compete for a job and playing time. Based on what I saw and heard in the press conference, there is a sense of urgency to make positive changes at OBD and Russ Brandon will, “go to the end of the earth to make sure we change it.”

Let’s just hope he sticks to his words.

4 Replies to “Sense of Urgency at OBD”

  1. I’d venture a guess that part of the urgency is the failing health of Ralph Wilson. He doesn’t have much time left.

    • While I do sort of believe that Ralph not having much time left has caused some urgency, the same could have been said 3 years ago when he was 91 but I didn’t see any urgency then. I think the urgency can be traced to Russ taking control.

  2. i feel really good about this. as soon as i heard the news, i was ecstatic. ralph has made nothing but poor decisions the entire time he has owned this team, yes, including the 90’s. Marv was a losing coach when he was brought in, and polian was young and inexperienced. it ended up being a great decision after the fact, but when they were hired is almost identical to where we are at now, laughing stock of the league. kelly told us off! we ended up winning him over obviously, but lets face it, this franchise has the hardest time out of all 32 to get well known successful people to want to come here. i think Russ changed that almost immediately. a younge face, coupled with a 10 year lease and the most talented roster we have seen since the mid 90’s, should make buffalo a fairly attractive place for a coach and other FA’s. i can see Chip Kelly wanting to be here because of the college like atmosphere here on game day, he would feel very at home. plus he has some very fast players in CJ and TJ (ik he didn’t work out well this year, but give it some time, we saw what he can do on that 50 yard catch in the jags game). i feel very good about the future of our franchise. We as FANS have to be the first to rid ourselves of the losing attitude that this town has developed. if WE expect to win, then the players and coaches will do the same. we need to influence the players, not the other way around.