Possible Playoff Changes Coming

(Photo by David J. Phillip /AP)
(Photo by David J. Phillip /AP)

Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL are considering changing the regular 12-team playoff format to a 14, or possibly 16-team format.

While I am opposed to a 16-team format, I think a 14-team playoff would be very interesting.

In the usual 12-team format, we end up with 6 teams from each conference making the playoffs, with 4 teams playing in week 1 and two teams on the bye. In the 14-team playoff we would have 7 teams making it. The playoffs would consist of 6 teams playing week 1 with the number 1 team on the bye. This then creates an extra playoff game which is good for football fans like myself who cannot get enough playoff football. I believe that having only 1 team on the bye will create better quality games, especially in the last few weeks of the season, with teams trying to earn the number 1 seed.

How would this affect the Bills organization? We will have to wait and see but I believe it will make a difference if the Bills happen to make the playoffs due to a 7th AFC playoff team. Playoff ticket sales would help with the team expenses. I also believe that if the Bills were to make the playoffs it would make the team more profitable. I can almost guarantee if the Bills made the playoffs, you would see season tickets sales for the following year sky-rocket.

I also think that if the NFL adopts the 14-game playoff scenario, the NFL would shorten the preseason to 3 games. I see a lot of tweeps complaining about how many preseason games there are so this would be a positive as well. When asked about the possible change, former Bills and Colts GM Bill Polian said he thinks it is a great idea and he would vote yes. We all know how many good decisions he has made in the past.

While there is no guarantee that the Bills would make the playoffs with a 14-team playoff, you cannot deny that it can only help the cause.

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