A Fan’s Perspective: The Toronto Series

In light of Eric Wood’s recent comments regarding the Toronto series, “I think that Toronto series has turned into pretty much a joke,” I have decided to post a piece that I wrote immediately following the Bills defeat to the Seahawks.

Dear Mr. Brandon RE: Toronto Series

Please put an end to this Toronto experiment. The one thing that the Bills have going for them is a devoted and loyal fan base. A fan base that is so rabid that you truly have a home field advantage when games are played at The Ralph.

The talent level of this team is on the rise and we cannot afford to give away a home game every year. Folks in Toronto that care about the Bills have been known to travel to Orchard Park and will continue to do so. Playing in Toronto is not adding to the fan base and, if anything, you risk alienating it. If you want to bring NFL football to Canada keep it to the preseason. This will be a win, win as you continue to play NFL football in Canada and your loyal season ticket holders don’t have to pay for a preseason game.

It’s obvious that when you play a “home game” in Toronto, you are eliminating any home field advantage. That is not fair to your players, coaches or your fans. It is disheartening when you watch your team play a “home game” and the visiting team gets a bigger cheer.

Please end this experiment.

About Stephen Brown

Stephen R. Brown is a software developer from Buffalo, NY. He went to school for communication and media arts but transferred to Information Technology for the opportunities that it provided. Stephen has been published in the Tonawanda News and the Metro Community News covering High School football in the past. Growing up in the glory days for the Buffalo Bills, he enjoyed the highs and the lows of the Super Bowl years. His passion and love for the team has not wavered despite years of recent failures. Stephen is thankful for the opportunity to be able to contribute to BillsMafia.com and share his passion with an audience. Follow him on Twitter at @steve1974b.