Bison Soup For Ten More Years: Bills Sign Stadium Lease!

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The Buffalo News has reported that Erie County, the State of New York and the Bills have agreed to a ten year extension for the team to remain in WNY and play at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Additionally, the deal includes a $400 million dollar penalty that must be paid if Mr. Wilson or new ownership decides to move the team out of WNY. However, in year seven of the agreement, the owner may move the team with no penalty. There is much discussion and anxiety being expressed by various media outlets as to why there would be this type of “out clause.”

While others are postulating that this might be risky, others are claiming that most contracts of these nature do have “out” clauses of some sort. I have a different thought about this.

I believe it’s possible that they have specifically designated the seven year “out” to give time for new ownership to perhaps decide to build a new stadium in WNY (I’m thinking most likely Niagara Falls, NY). It would take about that long to plan, build and perhaps include other structures like hotels, etc… to be built to support a year-round domed stadium facility. Just a thought.

Any way you slice this, what a great Christmas present for Bills fans. Now if only they can figure out how to get back to the playoffs.

What are your thoughts about this new stadium lease?

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