Seahawks Q&A with Dayna O’Gorman


Once again, thanks to @NFLRT, I was able to easily identify another expert from an opposing fanbase. This week’s Q&A is Dayna O’Gorman.

Dayna is a lifelong Seahawks fan originally from Montana, now living in Kansas City. She’s Official Fan Reporter of the Seattle Seahawks on Dayna is also the host of Wednesday Night with NFL Female on BlogTalk Radio and co-host, aka one of the “Football Chix”, on Football4footballheads (also on BlogTalk radio).

1. Russell Wilson, huh? The Bills were looking at him before the draft, and lots of fans thought there was a good chance he’d end up here. But, alas, this was not the case. What does Wilson bring to the team that 2012 free agent acquisition Matt Flynn (and others, including former Seahawks, and now Bills, QB Tarvaris Jackson) does not?

Russell Wilson "has that X factor that is going to make him an NFL superstar." (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
Russell Wilson “has that X factor that is going to make him an NFL superstar.” (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

Oh you have to love hindsight, it being all 20/20 and everything. I have to say I’m very happy that Russell Wilson didn’t end up in Buffalo as we simply adore the kid. I know its been said a thousand times in the media already, but he just has that X factor that is going to make him an NFL superstar. He is a born leader, a constant student of the game, extremely dedicated, and an insanely smart QB. As fans of the game know, a QB can have an amazing arm and be very fast, but the most important talent a QB can have is to be able to read whats on the field and adjust instantly. Wilson has shown he is very good at this. Now I’m not saying Flynn or Jackson are missing this quality, however to see it so well developed in a rookie is very rare. I truly believe Flynn is a very good QB and will be a starter in the NFL someday soon.

2. A local Buffalo sports talk host has said several times this week that this is probably the best team that the Seahawks have ever fielded. Even better than the 2005 season’s, which represented the NFC in Super Bowl XL. Is he correct?

Lots of people have tried to compare the two teams and in my opinion you can’t. The 2005 team was an amazing offensive team with very seasoned players. The 2012 team is a fantastic defensive team with an upstart offense, with some of the youngest players in the NFL. To me, its very hard to say this team is better than the 2005 team as of today. In a few weeks, I might change that statement depending on how far the Seahawks go in the playoffs. I do truly believe that in a year or two, this 2012 team will eclipse the 2005 team.

3. There’s an outside chance that WR Sidney Rice won’t be able to play in Sunday’s game. If that’s the case, who steps up to take his place?

It’s looking like Sidney will play on Sunday. I can’t imagine a bruised foot would keep him away. Rice is a fierce competitor and is loving how this team is rolling, so he’ll be there. However if we needed to have someone else step in, the Seahawks have a lot of faith in Golden Tate and Doug Baldwin. Baldwin was hurt earlier in the season but has come on strong in the last few games. Tate, made famous by the Monday night Green Bay game, is a very solid WR who is very good at breaking tackles and getting yards after the catch. He also has the ability to pull off very big plays. Baldwin and Tate can and will step up to fill in for Rice if ever necessary.

4. CB Richard Sherman is facing a possible four-game suspension for violating the league’s performance enhancing drug policy. If his appeal is unsuccessful, what does that do to the Seahawks’ secondary?

Richard Sherman is, without question, a leader on this team and, in lots of peoples opinion, the best CB in the NFL. I believe the latest information on his appeal is that it will probably be postponed until the end of the season which would put any suspension, if there is one, off until next season. However the Seattle Seahawks are very deep in the CB position. With Brandon Browner serving his suspension now, he will be back if we make it to the playoffs. We also have Walter Thurmond III, who was our starter last year until he was hurt, when Sherman replaced him. We also have a very good rookie named Jeremy Lane who has played brilliantly on special teams for us this season. Jeron Johnson is another player who has stepped up when needed, getting a touchdown in the Cowboys game. Truly as much as we all love Sherman, and believe me – we LOVE Sherman, if we had to lose him for a few games it wouldn’t be a death sentence for the secondary.

"It would behove the Bills to give him a chance to show what [Tarvaris Jackson] can bring to the table."  (AP Photo/David Duprey)
“It would behove the Bills to give him a chance to show what [Tarvaris Jackson] can bring to the table.” (AP Photo/David Duprey)

5. Tarvaris Jackson was acquired from the Seahawks just before the fourth game of the 2012 preseason. He’s been inactive for every regular season game thus far. By basically disregarding his presence on the roster, are the Bills missing out on any kind of possible value here? Or is he, in your opinion, deserving of just being an afterthought?

Tarvaris Jackson shouldn’t be ignored. I am a fan of Jackson for many reasons but the main one is his ability to rally the team. Jackson was very liked by his teammates and was a leader on the locker room. The one thing that was going against Jackson this season was the same thing that went against Matt Flynn – he wasn’t Russell Wilson. Last season for the Seahawks, Jackson played almost the entire season with a torn pectoral muscle and without Sidney Rice but still managed to win 7 games. You might think “only 7” but with that injury, 7 says a lot. Also please don’t forget, he took the Vikings to the playoffs. Is Jackson an elite QB? Of course not. What he is, however, is solid and that counts for something. I think it would behove the Bills to give him a chance to show what he can bring to the table.

6. Marshawn Lynch. Ok, go ahead. Use as much space as you want to gush over him here…

Marshawn Lynch? You mean that Pro Bowl, Skittle lovin’, Beast Mode, 2nd ranked RB in the NFL? THAT Marshawn Lynch? Oh yeah… we dig him a lot! The Seahawks fans would like to thank the Buffalo Bills for being short sighted and letting him go. ;-) I’m just picking on you, but seriously, Lynch was tailor made for the Seattle offense and we wouldn’t be the team we are without him. He will be in College Navy Blue and Action Green for a very long time if the fans have any say in it.

7. Prediction?

I’m not taking this game lightly as its on the road and we all know that can hurt the Seahawks. If I’m being honest though, I do think we have a good chance of winning this game. Final score Seahawks 24, Bills 17.

This was great fun and I appreciate the chance to do it. Believe it or not, the Bills are one of my more liked teams in the NFL and I hope they do well the rest of the season… just not on Sunday. LOL!

Thank you, Dayna!

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