10,000 Follower THANK YOU Contest


What does #BillsMafia mean to you?

Your answer could result in you being the owner of a brand new jersey from The Bills Store, courtesy of BillsMafia.com!

We recently hit the 10,000 follower milestone on our Twitter account, @TheBillsMafia — and we (Del, Bre, and Leslie) wanted to come up with some way to convey our gratitude to those who have helped make this movement what it is over the past fifteen months or so. Without the #FAMbase, #BillsMafia isn’t anything but another hashtag on Twitter…

Unfortunately, we only have the ability to give one jersey away, so we want to make it count.

So here’s how it’s going to work…

1. Sum up your thoughts of what #BillsMafia means to you in one tweet, and be sure to use the this hashtag: #mafia10k. Your tweet must be tweeted by 12pm Friday, November 30th!

And by one tweet, we mean just that — ONE TWEET. No usage of third party services such as Twitlonger and the like to get past the 140 character limit (actually you have 130 to work with since tacking on ” #mafia10k” at the end is going to eat up 10 characters).

Also, no multiple entries. Users who tweet more than one time with #mafia10k will be considered ineligible.

2. We’ll retweet a sampling of all the #mafia10k tweets we find on Twitter after 12pm Friday — which will be randomly selected as contest finalists. Whichever tweet gets the most combined retweets and favorites by 10am Sunday, December 2nd will be the winner of the jersey.

3. Winner can select any jersey from shopthebills.com (including customized). Just no “Nike Elite” variations. $300 is too rich for our blood. ;)

4. Winner must be following @TheBillsMafia (duh).

5. We reserve the right to clarify, expand, or restrict these rules at any time during the next few days. You guys always find loopholes! ;)

Good luck! We’re looking forward to what you come up with!

About Del Reid

Del Reid became a Bills fan shortly after coming into this world, having been raised in a home that actually had a framed picture of OJ Simpson on the wall in the living room (until it came down in 1994). Del has always had a passion for bringing people together to celebrate things they share in common. As a result, he (quite accidentally) ended up co-founding the #BillsMafia movement among Bills fans in social media -- which to this point is the coolest thing that has ever happened to him aside from his relationship with God, his wife, and his two awesome kids. Follow him on Twitter at @mrdeadlier.