Colts Q&A with Heather Lloyd


Once again, through the valuable asset that is @NFLRT, I was able to locate another fan/pundit willing to spend a few minutes and answer some questions about their favorite team.

This week, I had the opportunity to interview Heather Lloyd (aka @BlueMareIndy) about the Indianapolis Colts. Heather is a former news anchor who has an obvious passion for football. She runs two websites,, and As always, before asking someone to participate in one of these Q&A’s, I check through their website(s) and/or Twitter timeline and with Heather I can definitely say she knows her stuff.

Anyway, on to the questions!

The Colts are 6-4… 6-4! Be honest, did you expect this quick of a turnaround after last season?

I am surprised, but not shocked. My bold prediction at the beginning of the the season was for the Colts to finish 8-8. Everyone told me that was too optimistic. I now think they’ll win ten or eleven games.

Other than the obvious answer of Andrew Luck, what has been the biggest factor in the team’s performance thus far? Or is it really just #12?

Andrew Luck has been everything everyone said he would be and more. The main thing he and many of the other new players have brought to the team is youth. The last several seasons, the Colts had a talented, but aging team. Now, with the influx of young, physical talent on the roster, this team is competitive now and into the future.

The Colts have some recognizable names on their squad in Luck, Wayne, Freeney, and Mathis. Who else should Bills fans be prepared to see play a prominent role on Sunday?

The up and coming Colts stars are rookie Wide Receiver TY Hilton, who looks like a young Reggie Wayne and also plays on special teams; rookie Running Back Vick Ballard, who has revived the Colts running game, rookie Tight End Dwayne Allen, and defensive Linebacker Jerrell Freeman.

Keeping Andrew Luck in the pocket and under pressure limits his effectiveness. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
“Keeping Andrew Luck in the pocket and under pressure limits his effectiveness.” (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

What’s the greatest weakness of this Colts team? If you were Chan Gailey (head coach and de facto offensive coordinator), how would you attack the Colts defense? As for Dave Wannstedt (DC) and the Buffalo defense, what key factor in the Colts offense do they need to focus on shutting down?

The Colts, like any young team, lack experience. Inconsistency is the biggest weakness of this team. Playing together, avoiding mistakes, and staying focused are keys to the team’s success every week. When they are able to do that, they have a chance to win any game. When they don’t, they beat themselves. The key to defeating the defense is to keep them on the field and run the ball. As far as the offense goes, keeping Andrew Luck in the pocket and under pressure limits his effectiveness. Let him out of the pocket and he’ll get away and find an opportunity to make something happen.

The team has really rallied around Chuck Pagano this year. Has this spilled over into the community at all?

Colts Head Coach Chuck Pagano quickly became a beloved figure in Indianapolis, even before he was diagnosed with leukemia. Since then, #ChuckStrong has become a way for the city, state, and really the entire NFL to rally behind him. You see the orange leukemia support ribbons and armbands practically everywhere you go. Schools, sports teams, and even the Indianapolis Zoo has joined in the fight; raising money, awareness, and sponsoring blood drives in honor of Coach Pagano.

Big picture: Are the Colts making the playoffs this year?

The Colts will secure a wild card playoff spot this year, which is more than anyone would have ever expected from the this team.


The Colts will beat the Bills 27-24. Don’t worry, we’re gracious winners. Good luck and happy Thanksgiving weekend to all!

Thanks again, Heather! Hope you’re wrong on that prediction though. ;)

I strongly suggest you consider throwing a follow at Heather on Twitter at @BlueMareIndy and/or @PigskinNPearls. She provides good perspective on the Colts and the NFL in general through those accounts, respectively.

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