The State of the Bills Mafia Fantasy Football League

Since we started the Bills Mafia Fantasy Football League back in late summer, a lot has happened.

I thought I would take this time to bring everyone up to date as to what is happening in all four leagues. In case you don’t know, there are four different leagues inside the Bills Mafia League. They are: ExtraWack, Buffalove, SchefterBreakingNews and FAMbase.

Each one is occupied by an OG and I will run down each one right now, starting with the ExtraWack FFL. Riding high at 7-0 is @billsfan62. He has gotten to 7-0 by riding the youth movement in A.J. Green, Alfred Morris, and Stevan Ridley. If you told me at the beginning of the season that this roster would be 7-0 at this point I would Have said “you’re crazy.”  The rest of the teams in this league are knotted up between 4-3 and 2-5 with the exception of LukeB5301 who is 1-6 and just lost his fourth in a row, ouch. His roster looks like the walking dead with injuries. @RandomlyRufus and @PigSkinPunx tied in week 4 and are tied for first in the west because of it. If it were not for that tie, 5 of 6 teams would be at 3-3 before this past weekend.

In the Buffalove FFL, we have another undefeated team in @ckaras23. This past weekend, he defeated @jono_younes to go to 7-0 and drop @jono_younes to 5-2 which was the only close team. @CALLYLICOUS is at 4-3 with @JoeyG3113 bringing up the rear at 1-6, and the rest are between 4-3 and 2-5. It’s funny how evenly matched these leagues seem to be. All of these teams are still in it, although 1-6 makes it difficult (but possible).

In the SchefterBreakingNews FFL, there are no undefeated teams. Prior to this weekend five teams were at 4-2 and the @mseymour69 finally got his 2nd win to move to 2-5. When your QBs are Romo and Palmer your expectations can’t be high. The OG in this league started off hot at 3-0 but then lost 2 in a row. Del was in a nail biter Monday night, but Forte did enough against Robbie Gould and the Lions D to preserve a win. This league will be interesting down the stretch as all teams seem evenly matched.

Finally we have the FAMbase, which yours truly had to join to make it an even number of teams. Before this weekend, I was at the bottom of the East division, but now we are all half a game out of 1st behind @chunkylover80m who has 1st place due to a tie. OG @bre_88 would have loved me to write this last week, as he was undefeated. Seems @adlussier was getting tired of hearing Breyon boast about his team and dropped him from the undefeated ranks. Aaron was up by 1 playing Mathew Stafford against Breyon’s Brandon Marshall. The points remained close until the end but Stafford outscored Marshall by 2. Aaron is coming back with a vengeance, winning 3 in a row. 

The status of the OG’s is like this. Breyon had a close call in week 5 and lost it in week 7 to be at 6-1. Del has made some good waiver wire pick ups and remains competitive every week hovering at 5-2 and tied for 1st place. @SAINTRHYAN just lost his 4th to put him at 3-4 and @billsfan99 just won his 3rd to go 3-4. I will keep you posted each week from here on out as the winners start to separate themselves from the losers.

As I close out this article, I thought I would throw out some of the team names that I thought were very creative. Hoosier Daddy, Moats and Hoes, Truth or Dareus and Hippie Chicks with Picks I thought were quite funny. Of course no ones team picture was as good as mine, The Reapers.

If you want to follow all the leagues, their links are here for you to do so. GO BILLS!

Your Commish,
Vance Miller.


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